Friday, July 17, 2009

If You Make It, They Will Play With It

While I am poking along with the blanket warp, my Dad has been busy finishing off his rug. I am so lucky that he sends me pictures pretty regularly of his weaving both in process and finished in use. Predictably, the dazzling duo of Omar and Foxy are captured being curious kittens in at least one or two photos and often in all of them.

 Let me tell you, these two kittens are about as entertaining and sweet as it gets. I had a grand time with them during my visit and tried to talk my folks into letting me stuff them into my suitcase when I left. No go. ;-)

The rug was woven a 60" Harrisville/Collingwood Rug loom. The loom itself is set up at A Loom With a View in Newburyport MA. (This loom is for sale at a very nice price if anyone reading is interested.) I know it was warped in linen and that he did use shaft switching on this piece. I really don't remember the sett, but my guess would be around 8 epi. He stranded 3 different colors together of Harrisville Highland wool for each weft pick. There are 3 different shades of orange, 3 of grey/blue and 3 of white/tans. 

We spent a fair amount of time picking the colors because they needed to match the inside of his beautiful boat.

 He finished the edges in two different ways, one plainly the other a Damascus braid which he stated he liked better. 
It's not a big rug, around 20x40 inches. It will be fun to see what he does on the Harrisville loom he purchased. 

Not much else to report, it's hot and steamy here, climbing into the low 90's during the day.  The horses, goats and cats are all taking long siestas in the afternoon. About noon I go out and hose the horses off when I refill water tanks. Everyone seems to appreciate it but Dandy, who is convinced I am trying to drown him. It's rather funny too since he crosses water easily and without worry. Silly boy!

The large flock of turkeys have been sited twice since the first posting. I ran out with the camera to take a picture or two and by God, I can say they move pretty darn quickly. Nary a flock member to capture. Drats! I'll keep trying.

I've found a couple of owl pellets on my morning walk to the barn and one really large fresh pile of bear scat on the driveway. We've had our barrels tossed and raided rather badly, so now there is no mystery as to what's doing it. Gene is building a big sturdy bin to hold them, this weekend I hope!


  1. your Dad's rug is wonderful!!! and fits so perfectly in the boat. How fun for you two to have a similar interest in the fiber arts.....C

  2. Bears in the driveway....Yipes!!!

    You're going to share more blanket warp details some day, right????

    I love your father's rug. It's great to see when some one designs something for a specific space. I was wondering about the design and its lack of symmetry (even though I like asymmetry), until I saw it in the boat and thought "How perfect!"

    And you're right - boiled lobster would have been the perfect ending to our trip the other day. But alas, we'd heard rumors of lobster rolls out on the island. (Not when we were there.) And had another non-lobster commitment that night. Another time for sure!!

    I don't envy you those 90 degree temps. I start feeling like a siesta when it's in the 80s!!


  3. Your Dad's rug turned out very well. Cleverly planned and it looks perfect in his boat kitchen. I've got rugs on my list of things to weave.

    And I love the kitty shots!

  4. Thank you all. I am sure my Dad is very proud of this first creation! It is fun sharing an interest with a family member. Gene appreciates the skills and the finished products but has very little interest in the details.
    More updates on warping Hey Baby coming.
    Sue, pity on the lobster, but you two can have lobsters really anytime the mood suits, along with clams and seafood pies...just a memory here in Oregon.
    We do have a variety of seafood here, just not what I grew up with and love.