Monday, July 20, 2009

And the Warp Goes On

Well, after slogging through with winding the warp on, the threading is fast and easy.
Finally a loom I can get right inside, that's a good height and has Texsolv which I love working with.

After getting all 36 bouts wound on, my biggest challenge was how to get the lease sticks into the crosses on all the bouts.  Most looms come with their own pair, but Hey Baby came with bobbins and tensioner, no lease sticks. I borrowed the pair from the Murphy loom and they worked but were too short to rest across the loom. It was a real pain to slide each cross over, in order and not twisted onto those sticks. I managed with some creative string and some warp sticks but it was a balancing act that I would rather not repeat. The first time I had all the bouts on two where twisted the wrong way, close to the middle of course! One half had to be taken off to fix them. The second try was a charm and threading has been simply wonderful.

 The breast beam comes off the loom as does the beater. I can take the cloth beam off as well but it's high and makes for a nice elbow rest while I'm threading. The footrest on the Delta loom is also high and I can roll my wheeled chair base right under it.

  None of these things are removable on the Murphy loom and while Barbara V allows for the breast beam to come off, the cloth and knee beam don't. They keep me from really getting into the loom and she is a long reach to get to the back 4 harnesses. I've never threaded a loom so quickly and comfortably. I started yesterday on the 432 ends and have only 65 more to go. Texsolv heddles are a wonderful thing! I certainly didn't work all day on it, but threaded in drips and drabs as I had time.

All that easy threading ( straight draw 1-8) allowed me time to think about sleying. Most double weave is sleyed 2 to a dent. I have 12 epi, so it would be ideal if I had a 6 dent reed, but I don't. I have an 8 and a 12.  Cindie, over at eweniquely ewe kindly provided an answer to my quandary as to which would be best. Due to the thickness of the yarn and possible abrasion issues, I am going with the 8 dent reed. I'll start sleying today after cleaning and farm chores. Might even get the warp tied on and the treadles set!

 Like Peter, I'm always hopeful,

 but sometimes I end up like Smoochie instead.


  1. That little dark patch on his left lip makes Smoochie look like he's got a sly smirk going on!

    Glad the loom is working out to be all you wanted it to be!

  2. So glad the new loom is working out well for you!! Comfortable threading is always a plus!

    I swear, this post wants me to bag all of my deadline driven knitting and weaving and go play with my Toika. All in good time!


  3. The loom continues to be a real joy to work with and I'll update all in a future post.
    Sue, have you gotten more harnesses done for your Toika?
    Jennifer, I think it's Peter you mentioned, Smoochie was sleeping on the couch. Anyway, Peter is as cute as a bugs ear, little smirk and all. He use to be almost solid black...time marches on for all of us.

  4. Well, this post was certainly timely for me. I've spent the morning on the front porch reading and knitting, but the heat drove me in. I read Deb Chandler's chapter on warping back to front which eating lunch and have decided to go ahead and warp my laprobe from the front since I'm comfortable with sleying log cabin from the front and it's a short warp. But I wasn't sure what to do about the lease sticks. Now I know!!

  5. Theresa,

    Because inquiring minds want to know....there is a yarn in a color called "Live Lobster".

    Toika progress is slow. Sometimes I'm motivated, sometimes not so much. I will get all sanding and oiling done before the snow flies though! It's so nice to work on it outside compared to in the basement.

    For the next few weeks, I'm only working on beach-related when I get back from the beach in August I'll be better about the Toika!