Sunday, July 26, 2009

Baby Steps

Finally, we are starting in on the huge window installation project. We have the first window area rough framed in, with 4 more of the same size or larger to do.

Wood has arrived and been stacked by the back porch. It never seems like this much work when I'm planning it. I seem to forget a whole bunch of necessary steps when I imagine the opening going from windowless to windowed! Gene reminds me often though. :-) In fact he wonders if I spend 50% of my time mentally dreaming up projects. Why, yes, yes I do Gene and dang, if I was half as handy as you, I might even do one or two of them myself!

The reality is, I am terrible at building stuff. My forte lies in the finish work. Fine sanding, endless painting, matching colors and clean-up. Gene's efforts more than not go unseen and sometimes unappreciated by those looking at the finished project. No one comments on what a beautiful job he did putting in the plumbing, the fine solder joints, the hours of venting that damn wash room sink, the miles of wire and dozens of junction and outlet boxes for electricity. That stuff is all hidden from view, doing what it does with nary a thought until something needs repair. And we know who will get that thankless job don't we?

I suspect my husband isn't the only one with a long Honey-Do list and I'm sure I'm not the only wife to utter the words that strike fear into the hearts of spouses universally, "Hey Sweetie, I have an idea...."

I'm thinking landscaping next year.....;-)


  1. Isn't that always the way with projects.....the finished result is worth it, but the effort to get there sometimes seems monumental when you're in the midst of it. (Wait, did I just describe myself and my Toika loom?)

    Hopefully your project will go smoothly and quickly! Good luck!


  2. Hey sweetie! God already did the landscaping for you up there...

  3. LOL, certainly the natural fauna and flora is lovely, but when we plunked a big old house in the middle of it, a mess was made. Fire concerns dictated we trim and remove some items. Heavy equipment did further damage. We need to bring this small building envelope back to something fitting with the beautiful backdrop we've got.

  4. You're not the only one who's terrible at building stuff! Me too! I'm finding that I'm ending up doing the finishing, but I don't think that's my forte either. Now the thinking up part - that I'm good at!

  5. It's not just that, it's territory. I could so finish staining the deck but I would be inviting WW III - not worth it since I know he'll get it done, but later. I want it done *now* - guess I'll content myself with cleaning ceiling fans which is not a territorial invasion.

  6. Oh Sharon, I SO understand. That would be like me cleaning the basement!

    Leigh, I think the thinking up part is the most fun.

    Sue, How is that toika? Anything on it?

  7. Ohhhh Ho Ho Ho Ho - there is no way I'm letting James read this entry! We just got our 3 windows last week also, but only one will go in at this point until the kitchen cabinets are ripped out. There may be a new window in Friday??? I really don't complain as long as there is progress. I look at the landscaping and dream also, but I think I'm looking at 2011!