Wednesday, July 8, 2009

But Can You Weave with It?

The answer is  why yes, yes you can! I was doing  a little clean out of some of the basement yesterday, looking for something unrelated, and there in a box, was surveyors tape. Hot pink in color, but we have some day glow green around too. I'm sure of it.

 It's all in one inch width although I think there may be a wider width you can buy also.

 Now, why would I want to weave with this? I have always adored the mats and bags made from recycled plastic bags, but (and this is a good thing) we just don't get plastic much anymore in Ashland. The supermarket I shop at simply doesn't have plastic at all. In fact it's rare when I even get paper since I use the nice little reusable bags most places sell.
The few places that do use plastic all have a paper option and I can't remember the last time I opted for plastic. The small shops, as far as I can tell, pack everything in lovely handled paper bags of one sort or another. So the likelihood of me ever amassing enough plastic bags to cut and weave is slim to none, but this tape I can get and in some pretty jazzy fun colors too! 

As you can plainly see, there is another prayer flag run on the Murphy loom. I did this warp a wee bit differently and there still may be changes the next warp. 
Now, for some exciting news. My Dad wanted a Harrisville Rug loom, the Collingwood shaft switching one. New these things cost a small fortune. With a little help from Dawn we found him a used one in Syracuse New York at a very nice price. He picked it up yesterday and is putting it back together today I would imagine.
The second piece of exciting news is that Gene is finally making the trek to pick up my new-to-me Louet Delta in Idaho Falls. I'm hoping to have her in house by the weekend. Warp planning is in process. :-)
On critter news, Miss Bea has blown out her knee and will need surgery to repair it. We'll be looking into doing it in the next month or so since it is both costly and unplanned. She is on light pain medication and actually doing well. Perky and vocal as always. Peter ripped a dew claw. We had 40 wild turkeys strut through the property Monday evening, 2 toms at least, a bevy of hens and tons of hatchlings. Baby turkeys aren't so pretty, but they were fun to watch.
We also seem to be getting a second spring. After a hot last week, our temps overnight this week have averaged around 40, this morning it's 35 degrees and daytime might see us warming up to 70 or so. Perfect weather as far as I'm concerned


  1. Love the surveyor's tape!!

    Lots of new looms coming into your family! That's cool!!

    Bummer about Miss Bea's knee. Luckily animal surgery isn't as expensive as human surgery....but it's still up there. Hope it heals up well!

    40 turkeys is a lot! I get all excited when I see even 2 of them when I'm out running. (Last time I saw 5 and I ran down that road twice so I'd see them again!)


  2. We've converted over to mostly reusable bags also, but still have a number of plastic. The city requires poop scooping when walking a dog and those bags were perfect for it. Of course, those aren't disappearing anymore. If you decide you really want some plastic bags or film - I can hook you up!

    Excited for you on the looms! And sad about the surgery! Amazed at the 40 turkeys and the 35 degrees??? Wow!

  3. The pink surveyor's tape is cool!! Can't wait to see what you weave with it.

    I also don't use plastic bags. Drag my cloth along when ever I go anywhere. I read someplaces charge as much as $.30 a bag for plastic. That would sure make a person remember their own bags.

    40 turkeys. Amazing. Bet they're fun to watch.

    Sorry to hear about Miss Bea needing surgery.

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  5. I keep looking to see if the turkeys will appear again, such wiley birds!
    The surgery has a good track record for small dogs, so other than the usual worries about going under and keeping her on track during the recovery we're not terribly worried. I'll let her know you've all sent those sweet healing vibes.
    I think I'm going to do a simple mat with the tape and see what we get. I have a rug warp planned for BV and I'll just do tape one after I finish up the rag rugs I want to do.

  6. Have fun weaving with that tape! I can't remember which convergence or anwg conference it was at but someone wove an outfit with the big yellow warning tape - it was very fun!
    And yes, the weather has been perfect this week - been dyeing up a storm although I'm getting exhausted so might have to take tomorrow off from the dyepots.
    Sorry about Bea......if it's not one thing it's another with our critters.