Sunday, February 4, 2018

So Just How Super Will the Bowl Be?

It could really stink too, it's all a matter of perspective. I'm firmly on the Patriots side of the field. They came into existence not long after I did and Sundays have always been a mixture of football and Disney in my mind. They started out as the Boston Patriots BTW. I was a fan during the Grogan years, the Plunkett years, Doug Flutie lived right over the town line in Natick. My Mom picked up his dog one day when it got loose.  I want to say it was a Cocker Spaniel, but it might have been a Golden.She was the Wayland Dog Officer for many years. And then of course, I just can't stand the Eagles, the team that hired Michael Vick. I'm a believer in second chances but for some crimes I just can't see it in my grinchy little heart to forgive cruelty against animals or kids.

So other than nursing a long standing grudge what exactly have I been up to these past 11 days?
Well, I made a wadder, again. Trying new things often produces that sort of thing. I don't show wadders unless they are funny. This wasn't. I think in the end it was fabric choice that caused the fail.
I'll try the pattern again.

This non wadder came out of the salon last week. I have a Patricia Rose done in a sleeveless short top cut out for summer wear and then I think I will give this one a rest. I do love it though!

Some new inspiration arrived at Salon Runamuck, patterns and fabric procured in after holiday sales from faraway places.

 Patterns from Japan, Australia and the UK with fabrics coming from Taiwan, South Korea and back east!

I have gotten some weaving time in, Jack helped out with the last of the narrow rose path warp. Such a good boy!

look at all those weaving wanna-be's

The beautiful blue warp is being would for those Summer & Winter sheep towels going on the Spring. Slow as Methuselah as usual.

Lots of errand running and a few fun lunches and coffee meet-ups with friends. Cindie and I did yesterday morning at the Grants Pass Growers Market and then onto the bank account killing Kitchen Store. I got the most wonderful breadbox.

 I've been using a drawer and the loaves of bread always take up more room than I would like. The top is glass and it is wonderfully made. It would seem a bunch of other things popped into my basket and in the end it took both of us to carry all the bags to my car. Thank god that store isn't in Ashland!

My Mom has officially lost all her hair and she now has a wig. One of her friends at the Manor turned her onto a wig maker in the area and she has one for now and one being made.  She also has a beautiful soft camel down hat that was spun by me and knitted by Michelle and given to me. My mom really needed something soft and warm so it is on loan and much loved.

Hope you all have a great Super Bowl Sunday, watching the game or the Puppy Bowl. I switch between them. I think there is a kitten bowl too... I'm leaving you all with this song by Queen. GO PATS!

Parting shot: Nothing like freshly plumped pillows for napping I say!


Michelle said...

That top is LOVELY. I'm not a big football fan, although I'm sure the game will be on our TV here. I've got lots I need to do (newsletter, strip Lance's stall and rebed, knit) and want to do (blog, pet sheep) so I'll catch snippets here and there. I hope your Pats win!

LA said...

What a troop of terriers!!! I know they provide just the right amount of snoopervision. Patterns from the four corners of the earth! WOW! I'm looking forward to seeing these made. Tell Mom to hang in there...we're rooting for her!

Kim Gibson said...

That shirt is wonderful! I love the personal touch on the sleeve too. And oh I want to get back into weaving but realistically not for another year or two when I can work part time. Quilting is enough of a hobby with an occasional spinning day or knitting night. Too many hobbies!

Peg Cherre said...

That parting shot is too much! BIG yawn! (That's how I feel about football, don't watch it, don't care who wins, barely know who's playing.)

Is the Japanese pattern that kimono you showed us recently?

Susan said...

Looks like you have a big supervisory staff for your weaving...what is it about dogs and pillows? I don't follow football (or any sport) at all, but I am with you on the Eagles. Vicks should go on a list and stay there - never to be hired, never to make millions again. Once a sadist, always a sadist.