Wednesday, February 21, 2018

February Masquerading as December

It would seem like it. Cold, snowy and blustery. I don't really much care when our snowpack arrives as long as it does. It is a mere shadow of what we are use to having, but some is better than none.

Yesterday I took all 7 of the dogs down for canine influenza shots. Good grief, I don't ever want to do that again if I don't have to. Jack and Spike whined and chattered their teeth the whole way down in their crates. Robin "trilled" from his and threw up. Hazel just threw up and for good measure pooped on the way home in her crate. Pogo was a good silent crate rider and the two queens, Stella and Mandy slept together on the front seat. I suppose it was good practice for an evacuation. I have more room than I thought in the Outback. Love my Subaru!

The weekend was spent working on the new to me Marilla Walker Isca dress/tunic pattern.

 I am smitten and actually quite impressed with the drafting and such on this pattern.

It was fun to make, a little challenging and the fit as actually perfection for a first run through.

Handwoven inkle band.

 I shortened my wearable muslin quite a bit and I kept thinking of Gone with the Wind since this linen is the very last of my old curtains!

I've had a lot of fun seeking out some new and different patterns.

LOVE that crossover collar!
 I found this oldie quite by accident on Etsy (where else?) and since I had such good luck with the Java Jacket I figured why not.

For those looking for a Mom update, she is completing her 3rd round of chemo today and then they will do a scan to see how much it has spread and where. She is getting her custom made wig today. I offered to pay for a head tattoo if she wanted it. She declined. ;-) She has tolerated the chemo well. A bit run down, the cough is persistent but not surprising considering the cancer has spread to her lungs.  I have my own doctors appt. Monday for a check-up and then I'm going to swing up to the manor and pick up her up for a wee bit of shopping and an early lunch somewhere nice.

On our walk this morning with Spike and Robin we followed bobcat tracks! And since it is snowing
I'll leave you with this classic ear worm by Simon and Garfunkel.

Oh and those young adults from Parkland Florida, you are all awesome. No one calls out BS like Emma Gonzalez.

Parting shot: Shots!



Susan said...

I love that tunic. And that fabric was curtains in it's prior life? Wonderful! Having just lived through transporting my cat to the vet and back (ear ringing continues, two days later), you have my sympathy. I'm glad that your mom is able to be up and around and out with you. The idea of a head tattoo makes my teeth grind. However, I have been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo. Don't tell anyone. :)

Michelle said...

Love-love-love that milk chocolate top, evacuation drill, Simon & Garfunkel, and the Parkland teens! May they keep their passion until they are old enough to vote out politicians more dedicated to currying favor with the NRA than protecting their constituents.

LA said...

Well, well, Mz. Scarlett! Job well done getting all 7 pups to the vet. I used to do 3 at a time, and that was all I could manage, thank you! Glad to hear your Mom is doing well. Hugs to all & enjoy your snowpack!

Cindie said...

Hey, don't you have to take the crew back down the hill for the booster shot in 2 weeks? We go back for the booster in 2-4 weeks as do others I know. Maybe split them up and take them in 2 trips?

Barbara said...

The dog story is hilarious. I can't even imagine trying to take so many at one time but good for you for persevering.

Hilary said...

70 degrees here in NY, and tomorrow it's going to snow. Gotta love it.
The tunic is great!

Peg Cherre said...

Glad you're getting some snow. I'm with all the others on that brown tunic - it's great! Good to hear that your mom is tolerating the chemo well; hoping that it did its job. Although I have never wanted a tattoo, I do think I'd consider it if I lost all my hair to chemo. I might need/want to wear hats for warmth, but I think I'd pick tattoo over wig. Who's Pogo and why have I never heard of or seen him before?

Leigh said...

Glad your mom is doing well given the circumstances. Seven dogs to the vet at once, holy moly. I have two corgis and that isn't always very workable! Love S&G. Now I'll have to put them on all day while I work. And try to remember NOT to sing along.
PS. I went to Starbucks today and got a Steak and Egg wrap. Those are delicious btw. So they hand me the little bag with my breakfast and there on the bag is written 'SEW'. I think it's a sign from the universe that I should sew. :)

Theresa said...

Leigh, definitely a sign!

Peg, Pogo is Gene's little grumpy chi. I should get a pic or two of him but he hangs in Gene's office. Next post!

Hilary, We are finally getting snow here and cold weather.

Barbara, It had it moments. Cleaning the crate was not one of them.

Cindie, I do but three will be going for dentals and then I'll split up the rest.

LA, You know I've been eyeing the curtains in the LR now for a change to bamboo blinds. Scarlett my ride again..tomorrow. ;-)

Michelle, They were pretty nice curtains too. OMG, did the NRA go off the rails on Thursday or what?

Susan, The tattoo was really a joke where my Mom was concerned, although I was surprised there really wasn't an eye in the back of her head! Now doesn't that have possibilities! HA!!!