Sunday, February 11, 2018


Lately I've been binge watching Poldark.  PBS has some of the best series around IMHO. I  caught a Poldark one night (probably season 3), and it caught my attention. I found season 1&2 on Amazon and have been watching one or two nightly. Beats the news these days hands down.

Also on the bingeing list has been author Juliet Marillier who is a New Zealander and writer of adult and young adult fantasy. Escapism at it best. I think I'm on her 5th book so far.

In amongst the binge watching and reading, the towel warp on the big Macomber has finally started.

I have to tell you weaving with hemp is a bit fussy and rough. I'm not sure how these will turn out but what the heck, it will have been a learning experience from start to finish!

The sewing salon has seen some action too. I made another Java Jacket as a vest, reusing the double sided wool from a Soho coat I hated and adding some other fun wool scraps along the way.

 I went down a size and I really need to go down another. I was afraid to with the thick fabric but I will refit the whole pattern next time around using summer weight linen. That's the plan at least, for now.

One of the new Linnet Japanese patterns got a work out too. I ditched the collar, I always do. I as impressed with the sleeve fit and the overall shape. This is a wearable muslin and there will be a few additional minor tweaks, but I'm pretty happy with it right out of the envelope. These patterns are well written in English.

I have a new pants pattern (Sew House Seven Nehalem Pants), cut and ready to hit the sewing table after I finish this blog post.

There just hasn't been much going on. We're all getting mighty worried about the upcoming fire season. We have had NO SNOW and there is no snowpack. Rainfall has been pretty scant too.
Scary stuff but might as well have some fun with it now. I leave you with this catchy rain song from The Weather Girls!

Parting shot: Pillow Pups!


Michelle said...

I worry for you, too, Theresa, regarding the upcoming fire season. I'm sure you must have an evacuation plan for you and all the animals....

Cindie said...

Your vest is really cute - love it.

Yes, fire season is going to be really scary again - not looking forward to holding my breath for months.....

Barbara said...

Aww. Sweet pups snuggling together.

LA said...

So, how does the hemp compare to weaving with linen? I haven't ventured into those fibers, yet. As always, the pups know how to spend a winter's day!!!

Valerie said...

Okay, you got me....I ordered the Java Jacket Pattern with an eye to using some handwoven fabric.

I'm so sorry about the looming threat of fire.

The dogs sure know how to seize the moment!

Peg Cherre said...

I love that yellow top - great lines! We've had a good amount of snow here, and plenty of rain last summer, so our wetness here is good -- wish I could send you some. I find it scary just reading about it all here and on Cindie's and Laura's blogs.

Theresa said...

Peg, Sunday afternoon and into the evening we got some snow, 2 inches, no near enough to make up for the water deficit we're in right now.

Valerie! Nice to see you surface once in a while. The Java Jacket is perfect for handwoven and the full lining will give the HW some structure and body. It runs big! Do a muslin first.

LA, The hemp is not as nicely processed as linen usually is, think rustic and rough. It does soften quite a bit after washing but it is hard on the hands to work with and very hard to get good even tension and keep it. I would imagine sectional warping would be the way to go with it, but I am not going there myself.

Barbara, I do have a spoiled bunch of critters. While I type they continue snoozing under the covers.

Cindie, I'm hoping for some heavy spring rains,

Michelle, There is only one road out. The horses get one chance in a pinch to get on the trailer, if not they get set loose or if there is time I ride them down to ( or lead them behind the truck) the Box R which has a huge tract of irrigated pasture