Saturday, February 17, 2018


Which means something silly and funny all at once. In my case, catching mice in the tack room in a tall 5 gallon bucket and releasing them every morning in the woods. It usually involves stumbling around in the dark, goats bleating louding in the driveway waiting for their food and wondering if I am indeed catching the same mouse or two or are there really THAT many of them around the barn? The barn cat is terrified to go outside since the mysterious disappearance of Juno and frankly, who would blame her. So I toss her out during the day and bring her in before dusk, usually waiting pressed to the side of the basement door. Sigh. Maybe someday I'll be in a bind in the woods and the Mouse King will come to my rescue. HA!

I had boatloads of fun with the Sew House Seven Nehalem Pants.

 I was unsure if it was worth the effort and then low and behold, I love them! I am making a few changes, like a bit of elastic in the back and maybe trimming just a bit down in the width of the leg, but otherwise, they are cute and comfortable and another pair is already cut out.

Today I'm working on the new Marilla Walker Isca dress, which I've shortened into a tunic. This is a muslin and there is no point in wasting a ton of fabric if it doesn't go well. Pics when done unless of course it is such a horrific mess it must be disposed of immediately.

I had a wonderful lunch out with a good friend and when we finally parted I found out this was happening in my neck of the woods.

cresting the Greensprings Summit
and sliding down the other side.
 It was, as I like to say, slickery. Thursday dawned cold and clear, the roads were plowed and rocked and not too terrible awful if you watched your speed. It was icey though all the way into the valley with temps holding in the high 20's F.

FedEX did manage to get to my house and drop off this little gem. Cindie thinks it looks like a luggage rack and well, it does, a very high end expensive one!

I am squandering all that Saori feel good weaving and using it right now as a band loom. I had looked and looked for a while now for an old Heritage two treadle inkle loom and decided I should just reverse engineer my needs. A narrow two shaft counterbalance loom. Who makes one of those I thought..hmmmmmmmmm. Then of course, like the hot kiss at the end of a wet fist it came to me.
(Note Firesign Theater line, Oh Nicky Nick Nick I miss you!)
The thing weighs 15 pounds. Lighter than luggage!

Instead of leaving you with music, I'll leave you all with this piece of silliness that I grew up on.
I (still), know most of the lines from this and many others. Enjoy!

Parting shot: Stop, Dop and Roll. Mandy's MO when it's time to go out.


Anonymous said...

You have been a busy person! I am curious how you like weaving with the Saori loom? I have seen these many times on the internet but never in person. They are intriguing to say the least.

Cindie, does have a point - loom really does look a lot like a luggage rack :-)

Pets for Miss Mandy, she has a very cute tummy.

LA said...

What an interesting little loom! I hope it does the trick for you! I agree with Mandy....WHY do I need to go outside????? (Actually, I'm glad to hear you are getting some snow!)

Leigh said...

We here in Portland have a bit of snow today. I love it. It's pretty, and beats the rain by a mile. It's blue sky and sparkly melting snow. It'll be gone soon.

I let the corgis on the bed with some frequency, and they never want to get down. Your stop, drop and roll is what I call Noodle Dog. The long and low are impressively difficult to pick up when downside up and uncooperative. "Are you a noodle dog?" gets a happy waving of paws.

Susan said...

OMG, Theresa, I wonder if we are twins, separated at birth? I, too, can recite Nick Danger, Third Eye. I had every one of their albums and there has been nothing like it since. Thank you SO much for jolting me back into a precious point in my history! As an aside, how can they be both eely and rigid at the same time? Trying to get PB out the door or off the furniture during rain is almost physically impossible.