Tuesday, January 23, 2018


I made the Merchant & Mills Landgate a long time ago and hated it. It went to Goodwill and the pattern got stuffed into the back of my "working" pattern box. That was like two years ago and then I rediscovered it when I sat and looked at the Folkwear pattern (that turned into a tent). I dragged it out, looked at my scant notes, cut it a size smaller and used all leftover linen from other projects along with a funky tan jeans zipper I had languishing in my zipper stash.It was the perfect color for this project.  I fully lined the hood, did kangaroo pockets instead of in seam or patch pockets and didn't bother with the elastic waist/inside casing etc. Verdict this time around, LOVE IT!

 The only change I'll make is on the zipper gusset inside the hood. I might do a thin zipper guard instead so I can pull the hood open completely. Small changes. This would be so cute for summer wear in a light linen or longer as a lounge robe in flannel. Lots of possibilities now that the pattern is nicely adjusted. Additionally I would love to do this in something like waxed cotton for true hard working barn wear.

The sewing salon hasn't been terribly busy. I had a lot of town trips last week. One of them was for a much overdue eye check. I wanted to make sure no damage had been done by the diabetes diagnosis. All is well on that front but each eye has a cataract luckily out of the field of vision...for now. I did pick out new glasses. I did something I have never done before in 40 years of wearing glasses. I couldn't make up my mind between two frames, so dang it, you only live once, I bought both. Here is one of them.

 I do so love the bling. The inside of the dark brown frame is bright turquoise. My present pair is quite worn at 3.5 years old since I wear glasses just about all the time.

I have been working on the little rose path warp on the horizontal mill and doing some more weaving on the bumblebee warp. This is towel 5.

The yellow weft is just a bit lighter than the one in the warp.

The dogs are adjusting to life without Smoochie.

I have obviously disturbed her in her time of reflection....

 We all are in our way.

Way back in September I put in a subscription for Vav magazine. It never came so I had to get on the horn to find out why. Fast forward to last week, the first two issues of my subscription arrived and this garment caught my eye. What an inspiring piece!

Here is the website.

In honor of the amazing Women's March, Dreamers and everyone else under assault by this presidency, I send you this song by Bob Marley.

Parting shot: Waiting for the old lady.


Anonymous said...

Looked at the Nomokimo website, the red version caught my fancy - really cute.

Your new glasses are very cute! Pets for the pups.

Michelle said...

So glad there was no crisis with your eyes, and I applaud your stance on the glasses (and life) – cute frames! I'm due for an eye appointment this year, and after reusing my frames for several years, I really need to replace them....

Cindie said...

Love the blingy glasses!!

Leigh said...

I agree about the glasses! And the jacket is so cute and comfy looking. This time of year one can never have too many jackets!

Peg Cherre said...

LOVE those glasses! I bought new ones at a sale in August, and wish I'd gotten 2 different pairs, so have already decided that I'll get another pair during the sale this year. They are on my face every single day, after all.

The jacket is great.

LA said...

I really like what you've done with that M&M pattern. I think you'll enjoy wearing that around town! I always know it's time to get new glasses when I have trouble threading a needle!!!! LOL

Susan said...

Love the glasses! I have never been brave enough for bling - but mine have a bright chartreuse on the inside of the frame. Also love what you did with the hooded pullover. Function + beauty. I have just finished a lovely, small cowl with a small skein that was in my Theresa giveaway swag. It is so perfect!

Sharon said...

Cute eyewear. They make glasses so cute anymore. Our women’s march was fabulous but bitting cold. I was drained but exhilarated afterwards.

Theresa said...

Sharon, The choices in eyewear are overwhelming! Glad you got out to your local march! Great booklist you got going BTW.

Susan, I've been looking for the right amount of bling for a few years now and then I found two! Glad the give-away yarns are being used. Yeah!

LA, I'm pleased as punch I gave it another go. You know they have a little needle threader thingy right?

Peg, The jacket handled our rain and sleet yesterday well. I am glad I had the hood.

Leigh, Yep, jackets should be more plentiful in my closet than they are. I have plans for a velveteen one with purple mushrooms. ;-)

Cindi, Me too! Wishing at least one pair makes in this week.

Michelle, My old frames are so worn the color is off on the inside along the ear pieces. Have fun picking out new ones when you get there!

Martha, I found so many things on that site inspiring. The red is pretty. I kinda love those rain hats too!
Pets have been doled out with abandon.

Mary said...

Your new glasses are cute and I applaud you for buying 2 pairs. Jewelry for your face :-)

I am in awe of your resiliance in the face of your challenges and I hope you are continuing to manage. Hugs to the ponies and pups from here in the desert.