Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Things to Do When You Have a Cold

Over the weekend Gene's cold turned into my cold. God I hate colds and this one has laid us both pretty low. I'm still stuffy and froggy sounding but am feeling a bit better day by day.

I have managed to get together a new warping reel.

This is a reel from Gilmore and yes, it has a brake. A very nice brake!

I like this set up better than a vertical reel. I can sit and wind without excessive reaching. I always had trouble getting a workable height with the Harrisville reel. Look for that to appear for sale at some point and if someone is interested in it contact me via e-mail.

That is a Christmas towel warp. Bet you couldn't tell huh?

Here is the pattern from WEBS. I have to be honest, I like ready made drafts.

 Maybe I'm lazy, but I never felt it as a burning desire to design my own drafts. That doesn't mean I follow the drafts 100% but I like that starting point as ignoble as it is.

Knitting has also been on the list of doable activities while sick.

As has football

I caught the Pats game earlier in the day....Go Pats!

and cuddling with my peeps so to speak. A grand little bunch of nursemaids and heated bricks.

The other thing I've done is get together bundles of yarn

and a few choice weaving books for a give-away. This will be a pay it forward deal like always. More next post likely over the weekend.

 I want to mention how utterly embarrassed I was by that asshat occupying the White House today at the U.N. Imagine what the world at large must think of a man who needs to hurl silly monikers at another countries leader like this is a junior high tiff? OMFG. Mr. Mueller, please hurry up.

Parting shot: Doe eyed Hazel Rose.


LA said...

The start of the speech this morning sounded like a five year old telling them what a good boy he was!!! Just my take.... So sorry you're under the weather, but all those furry cuddles must feel wonderful. I love my horizontal mill, too. It's so easy on my back and shoulders!

Michelle said...

You sound pretty busy for a sickie! ;-0

joannely said...

Watching Trump just made my blood boil and I want to apologize to all my friends around the world for such an ignorant person in charge. Sorry to hear about your cold...just when the temps drop low enough to get out and do some gardening, you get stuck inside but at least you have plenty of comforting friends!

Susan said...

Even though I expect nothing more from such a idjut, it still raised the hair on the back of my neck. He is an abomination. Sorry about the cold - they are awful, no matter what the season. Even though I am having to ignore the fact that it is 80 degrees in the fall, my knitting has picked up double time and I am a very happy girl.

Peg Cherre said...

I agree with Michelle - you have been pretty busy for a sick person. The towels will be beautiful, and what is it that you're knitting?

For me, I love my vertical warping mill. Takes up little floor space and folds up quickly and easily for even less. It is a floor model, not a table model, which I don't think I would like.

Theresa said...

Peg, I have also put in a lot of sleep time. So run down with this cold. I'm knitting a Dawson cowl. Third one down here: http://yarnatwebsters.com/store/blog/?p=8250

Susan, You guys will become cold soon enough.

Joannely, My garden has pretty much bolted. We didn't do veggies this year except lettuce and that went long ago. I do have many comforting little furabouts .

Michelle, Usually I am much more engaged, but being sick does provide a good excuse for nothing but fiber pursuits...I wish! ;-)

LA, The mill makes me look forward to new warps. I can't say it is faster than the board, but it is so much easier to me since the legs set it at a perfect height for a chair, folding or comfy variety....