Saturday, September 23, 2017

Heartbreakers Harvey, Irma and Maria Give-Away

If they named earthquakes, the one that hit Mexico City would be up there too.

I can't think of a better time to have a bountiful pay it forward give-away! There is so much devastation going on in the world right now that even the unimaginative can find a needy cause . Usually I ask you give local but this time the need is so great in Texas, Florida and especially the islands like Puerto Rico, I'm asking you look for charities that are targeting those places. Pick one, pick all, (there is enough misery to go around right now), but please lucky winners, pay it forward in some charitable way.

Here is a listing of agencies you can donate to for any and all of the multiple disasters. Please give as generously as you can. It'll make you feel good I promise! Lending a helping hand always does.

Now onto the yarns. There are 10 batches, leave a comment with first and second choice. I will draw 10 names from the hat, or maybe Mandy will. It might be a group effort involving treats, who knows, but there will be 10 winners. If your first choice is still available, you win that! If only your second choice is still available, you win that! And if none of your choices is available you win the next available yarn bundle number! Example, your picks of 1 and 6 are taken, and #'s 4 and 5 are taken but #2 is still available and that is now the bundle you have won. Clear as mud no doubt, but hey, it is free yarn and some very nice ones at that!

Drawing ends Wednesday morning. Winners will be announced Thursday. I pay for shipping (US shipping only), but please be prepared to send me your mailing address and lot number all in one e-mail. It makes it easier when I'm packing to NOT have to cross reference everything. I try to send all the lots out in a reasonable time frame, with in two weeks.  I'm usually successful too.

There is a second give-away here. Some coveted weaving books, so weaver's if you are looking for some OOP titles, I might have something you want. You can enter both give-aways or just one.I don't care if you have won a bundle in a previous give-away and if you don't want to enter but still feel moved to donate, bless you, bless you, bless you! Without further ado, here are the Yarn Lots!

Beautiful ombre wool yarn

Mostly Alpaca

Make it Green Please!

Soft and fuzzy mohair content

super soft singles

Super squishy

Mohair content

Bulky and soft.

Mixed bag, Rowan and Jamieson

Very soft 

Good Luck!


LA said...

Bless you for your compassion. BTW, I'm not in this drawing...just wanted to thank you!

Michelle said...

You and your crew lead by inspiration! Put my name in the hat for 1 & 3, please – and thank-you. Will be donating funds nationally and handknits to the Homeward Bound Pets gift store.

Charlene Schurch said...

what are the weaving titles?

Jennifer Holmer said...

What a great idea! 2 and 3 please!

Peg Cherre said...

You are such a generous person!

I'm not entering for any yarn, but will make a donation.

Susan said...

3 & 9 please. I've been donating to two rescue groups and may branch out. There is so much need!

Leigh said...

I would like #4, then #7, or if not available, chuck my name and pick a new one. :) I'll give to our local shelter, I think I just read that they took about 50 dogs from the Houston area to make room for others.

Tobie said...

How generous of you!
I am going for #1 and #7.

Caroline J. Baines said...

I would like #3, #9, #2, #8. Beautiful. Thank you!

Elaine said...

Thank you. I would love number 1 or 10