Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Little Mighty Warriors

Having eight dogs offers up many challenges but none so fickle as the reshuffling of pack order. A dog passes on or a dog joins the pack, there is always a resettling. It can take up to a few months. So it was Sunday night when a simple discussion turned into an all out brawl between young (Robin), and old (Jack), guard. The danger of course is the rest of the pack joining in. It helps to have a very loud voice in that regard. The two combatants were left alone even though there was energy churning from multiple members. Within minutes, wounds were inspected and cleaned: warm water, betadine solution and finally packed with Neosporin ointment. Oh and lets chuck some Clavamox down too boys.

Don't panic, that's Neosporin packed into that puncture.

So far the wounds are looking clean and starting to heal. We have additional strips of Clavamox and the boys have each inspected the others puncture and walked away feeling they were the victor. Happy to be at peace with each other as if nothing happened.  Weaving friend Martha at Thistle Rose
tells me her husband says chicks dig guys with scars. I have passed that onto Robin who will likely wear the mark of Jack for the rest of his days. He's proud of it too!

Late last week and over the weekend the air cleared for bit. Of course the fronts that moved the smoke out also brought multiple thunder/lightening storms and THAT started multiple fires up here. They did come with rain and ODF and the GSFR where right on them once smokes were spotted. I got my old friend Cooper out for a ride around the clear cut devastation next to us. It was awful. Beautiful day and not a squirrel, deer or bird to be seen or heard in the non forest.

There are multiple slash piles like this and are two to three stories high. We are hoping the logger who bought this property and clear cut it will be back come wetter weather and take care of these. Talk about a fire hazard!

I need to mention that Coop, after being a pasture pet for something like 10.5 months was a saddle and go ride. No drama, no fuss, just the same sensible boy he's always been. Even with the altered landscape we walked along as if he had been out daily. One in a million. Thank you Bridget.

A little sewing has gone on, another tunic using the Mississippi Ave pattern with the added sleeves.

Two pairs of linen pants have made it into the closet also, no pics, just pants. I did cut out a fall jacket. The collar is a lovely piece of leather in a deep coral color, the linen a deep grey blue color and the lining is fun and bright.

I want to do a new winter wool coat this year too.

And I took advantage of Labour Day sales on Etsy and ordered these two fabrics.

 Obviously my love affair with grey continues.

Mandy was a bit overweight and certainly had no muscle tone when she arrived. One thing that can be done to guard against future injury for that long back is exercise to keep those muscles strong and supple. To that end we have been taking a walk daily. This was the latest group of road warriors.
It was chilly that morning and she loved having her little sweater to wear. I wanted to include a real link for Warm Weenies because I know there are a lot of sweater wearing weenies who would like one and Susan is a gem to work with

Last night I finished up plying my "Fairie Dust" fiber.

Look how close I came to spinning it cleanly half and half!

 I also finally finished winding the 800 end hemp bath towel warp. What was I thinking doing 10 yards on the warping board? Head slap.

I'm skipping the politics right now because really, there are so many folks in need right now.  While Florida is a mess there is also a crisis on the islands in the Caribbean. This article here has a couple of places that will get donations out there quickly.

Parting shot: Does this leash make my butt look big?


  1. Things are always happening in your house - dogs, clothes, yarns, it's all fun - right?? Glad the boys didn't get too hurt, and love the parting shot.

  2. The picture of the clear cut area breaks my heart. Although I know that loggers have to do such things I really do detest it. Much prefer the forest tended with care and not cut down. The mighty warriors do indeed have cool scars!

  3. Yikes on the wounded warriors.

    Love all the sewing you do!

    It's always a celebration when you come so close when plying handspun. At the fair one day it was a celebration piece of salted chocolate covered caramel for all.......that I brought to share anyhow but broke it out early when someone came out almost even in plying.

  4. Weenies have such muscle-butts. Thanks for the link - if I don't get a chance to knit Peanut a sweater before winter, I may have the other Susan help me out. Shouldn't that kind of fire-hazard-pile be against the law? Some law? Any law? Especially since you are in an area prone to fire. I love the color/fabric combination for your coat - can't wait to see it completed.

  5. Susan, I can vouch for Susan at WW, plus she has a weeenie of her own. He models all of her sweaters. The slash pile is on private property and laws for logging are very lenient in OR.

    Cindie, I was there when you broke out that yummy chocolate! The wounded warriors are asshats! ;-)

    Martha, There are MUCH better ways to log, but slower. This was a cut and run operation and OR still allows clear cutting. It's a pity on so many levels. The warriors are wimps about getting their wounds attended too. Jack is not known for his patience when he is uncomfortable.

    Peg, And I think my life seems quite dull, but yes, it is busy. Most of it is fun though and it was so nice to view the world from the back of a horse again.
    The parting shot is one of my favs!

  6. Yes, Mandy, that leash makes your butt look big, but your wonderful new mama is helping you turn it into muscle!

    Sorry for the logging; but cheers for Cooper. I have to admit the lot cleared next to us is a mixed blessing; the noxious weeds and loss of one kind of habitat is aggravating, but the swallows have been swooping over it eating bugs for weeks, and the morning view over the valley is exquisite.

  7. Mandy is already looking more svelte! Those walks must be doing the trick. I'm so glad you finally got to take Cooper out for a ride...who enjoyed it more???

  8. I don't know how you get everything done with so many mouths to feed and tails to wag! Love your racoon feature on the new top! the city or out...some have no respect for nature or common courtesy. It is true...girls love boys with battle scars!