Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The Hazy,Hazy, HAZY Days of Summer

Like just about everyone else in Oregon and many other parts of the west in general, it has been a hot summer of some monumental wildfires and smoke. Our house looks like a scene from the movie Melancholia, where the light is filtered through a lens of far away smoke, waiting for the rogue planet to crash into Earth. A disturbing film I wish I had never seen if the truth be told.  In real life Mother Nature will exact her revenge for the carelessness we have shown in managing our planet and our resources and we are not undeserving. Pity we have to make every other innocent species suffer with and for us. So there are the dark thoughts for the week but fear not, there is PLENTY of light. In fact lets just do pics this go round since even through the smoke, there is laughter and love and

Itchy backs,


This duster must die!

Spinning Fairy Dust

New sweater modeling

And handmade sweater patterns from Warm Weenies! OMG!!

Blueberry Maple Syrup

Baby Raccoons!

So cute!

Staking out coveted real estate

Making friends.

 And being watchful especially where Cheetos are concerned! ;-)


LA said...

Cheeto eye???? Too cute! Just saw a report on the wildfires....scary! I hope the rains come soon to the north west.

Peg Cherre said...

Wish there was something I could offer about the fires beyond my positive thoughts.

Love all the photos, and so glad the new 'weenie' is fitting in so well!

Cindie said...

Much better for me to see critter faces first thing in the morning than the fire reports!!!

Susan said...

I am sending wet thoughts your way. Fire is frightening. I cannot thank you enough for the Warm Weenies mention! OMG! Your pups are so darn cute!

Anonymous said...

Warm Wennie Sweaters - love it! Mandy looks very cute in her new sweater. So happy to see that the entire crew has settled in with the newest member and all are looking happy. The fire season this year is just plain hell, sending a lot of rain dance wishes for you all.

Michelle said...

Thanks for ending on cute photos; I was about to get seriously depressed! ;-)

Theresa said...

Michelle, Well, glad the ridiculous crew could stave off any true depression!

Martha, Of course with the temps and smoke it may be months before she gets to wear that sweater. What a pity we can't move some rain from down south to up here and even things out a bit.

Susan, You are welcome and there will be a better mention with link next post. Playing with the pattern now.

Cindie, They are entirely too eager at 3:00 am, but I agree much better than fire forecasts.

Peg, We are loving our little rescue weenie, that's for sure. We are calling her the 3M (Miss Millipede Mandy) because it like takes a thousand steps for her to get anywhere.

LA, You may have coined a classic. Beware the Cheeto Eye. Seriously, coffee went up my nose I started laughing so hard when I read your comment.

Leigh said...

Your crew is really cute. Warm Weenies made me laugh. I am in Portland and we are full of smoke as well. The Eagle Creek fire is remarkable close to town. Crazy. A good solid rain would be most welcome.

Yvonne said...

Love the quilt!

Fran in Aus said...

That fur family of yours is just gorgeous. Even if you didn't write such interesting things, I'd have to come here just to see them.