Thursday, September 28, 2017

And the Winner's Are.......

For the yarn give-away:

Michelle Lot #1

Jennifer Lot #2

Susan Lot #3

Leigh Lot #4

Lots's 5 and 6 had no takers (I was surprised actually as these are beautiful yarns)

Toby Lot #7

Lot #8 had no takers either

Caroline Lot #9

Elaine Lot #10

For the Weaving book give-away:

Leslie - Collapse Weave

Skturg- Tapestry 101

Becky- Exploring Multishaft Design

Jolly- Shadow Weaves

Jennifer - Designing Woven Fabric

LA- Rag Rug Handbook

Congrats to all who participated. Thank you so much for all YOU do! Here is another link to a round up of ways and places to donate compiled by PBS
Regardless of who won what or anything at all, there is a terrible humanitarian crisis unfolding out in the Atlantic.

Winners, PLEASE send me your mailing addresses and what you won, be it a lot number or book title or both. It would be helpful if the subject line indicated the e-mail contained a give-away address! :-)

There is a link to my e-mail under the complete profile blurb to the right!


LA said...

Thank you (and your model Mandy) for the Rag Rug Book. It will be put to good use, and funds will be going out for relief efforts.

Peg Cherre said...

That parting shot is something else! Makes it look like the little sweetie has no back legs, and she looks a bit apprehensive. I'm sure she loves her sweaters.

Susan said...

OMG, Mandy is so adorable in her sweater! It's so hard to find one that's long enough to cover the suspension bridge that is their back. Am I the Susan that won Lot#3?

Cindie said...

Mandy looks real cute in her new duds. So, have you started putting her clothes in the dryer before putting them on her yet???

Elaine said...

Sorry Theresa, can't seem to find your email.

Theresa said...

Under profile here:
On the left under my avatar and that's where most people have their e-mail addy.
If the link doesn't work it is:
runamuckweaving at g mail dot com

Leigh said...

Congrats to all the winners! Great giveaway Theresa!