Thursday, February 16, 2017

Mojo Search and Rescue

About once a year my creative mojo seems to need a break from me. I don't feel like sewing, I don't feel like weaving much, whatever is on the Kindle isn't particularly interesting. It's a funk of some kind, I think we all go through it at one time or another. I will say the crushing overload of awful political news doesn't help. And there is some final estate set-up and clean-up that has needed attention now that tax season is here.

I have started in on a test sew of a pattern I've had in stash for a while and likely will get to it this weekend.

 I've been on the lookout for a few good new patterns, but that has been rather disappointing. More looking needed I guess. -)

The jacket I had been working on was completed.

We even had a day warm enough to wear it this week!

Life has not been totally devoid of creative activities. And even if it was, I still have this to brighten up the mojo-less times! Belly rubs are a viable creative substitute activity. Just ask Robin. ;-)

 I've been doing a little spinning. I finished up this pretty wool/silk blend

and started plying it.

 I'm thinking a pair of those wonderful mukluks or maybe a warm and cozy pair of half gloves? I also have a couple of new slouch hat patterns I might want to try.

The one thing I loved about the now sold Glimakra band loom was that it was a floor loom. I am simply not a table loom kind of gal. In fact I have a nice Schacht Inkle loom I should probably sell. Anyway, wise and knowing friend Cindie suggested that a LeClerc Cendrel might be a worthy replacement. I  took that advice to heart and ordered one on the day I sold the Glimakra. It got here Tuesday afternoon and was put together by dinner time Tuesday evening. I spent most of yesterday morning getting a test warp on and weaving.

 I adore it. I wove over 3 feet yesterday.

I know about the mistake. Test warp.....
The same comfy wood chair I use for spinning works for weaving on this loom since the fell is head on, I experienced none of the back, shoulder and neck strain from weaving sideways.

Notice paw on bone. Direct link to lips and growler.
In addition to the overall comfort, this loom is beautifully finished. Unlike the Glimakra, which is unfinished soft pine and all rather cheaply manufactured, this loom is made from dried Canadian Maple, smooth and with a glossy finish. Everything lined up and it was made to last a lifetime. Two nice shuttles came with it, Useable ones!

The snow has pretty much melted in many areas. Wildlife is waking up. The foxes are pairing and mating. My little gang of masked thugs was out on the deck the other night, raiding feeders and acting like teenage goofs. They probably all wintered over with Mom, but will scatter to the winds this spring.
There will be a new batch I hope.

It was hard to pick from the plethora of stuff that has happened over the last week or so. None of it very good and a lot of downright frightening but here is this posts offerings. I'm holding my breath to see if the GOP leaders roll over on a true investigation on the scope of Trump/Russia links. Personally, I think if you cheat you don't get to be the winner. I'm all for another untainted election. It will be cheaper than the wall.

Did That Just Happen

The USDA removes all information on animal abuse. This folks is near and dear to my heart and I'm betting yours. I can only ask..WHY?

Hate crimes are up and here is an interesting piece on what scares us by political divide.

And here and here are two articles about the power of protest. The second link is about what is happening around the country TODAY

Science is not dead, only in hiding, but what they have to tell us is alarming. Our oceans are in serious trouble.

Finally, a wake up call video. I caution you about language but it is an important and thought provoking 3 minutes.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch we have;

Parting shot: Playtime! That nip has gotta hurt.


  1. So glad you're enjoying the Leclerc Inkle loom!

  2. Love that yarn! And the first inkle band on the LeClerc is really pretty.

    So here's my question --- I have a LeClerc RH loom that I use primarily to demonstrate at shows. Only other time I've used it is to weave mohair - somehow seems easier to me than one of my floor looms. I'd been thinking about an inkle loom, but it now occurs to me that maybe I should just use my RH for inkle weaving. Yes? No? Obviously would be hindered by the sett of the RH - maybe that's the main reason not to? Maybe put the warp on the RH loom with out a heddle in place, instead buy & using a hand held RH like on tape looms?

  3. Your new loom seems to be doing the job you wanted it to do!!! I'm so glad! Thanks for the links...we all need to stay aware.

  4. Nice to hear of the loom-match made in heaven!

  5. Yes-the animal protection laws are gone and the whole of the EPA will be gone soon. Also NPR and the National Endowment of the Arts and Humanities.
    What kind of society are we?!