Thursday, February 2, 2017

Appliance Failure

Where the bird clock finally landed. Weaving studio.
Over the holidays we had two major appliances fail. The first one was not so old, our small Magic Chef upright freezer. It died right before Christmas. I lost every single package of carefully procured in processed berries. I balled my eyes out. Each of them represented a spring and summer Thursday morning spent with my Dad at the Medford Growers Market. The frantic pre-holiday period had not found us scavenging the freezer under the basement stairs until it came time to make a cake for Christmas. I wanted berries for the middle and some on the top. We had no idea how long it had been out but everything was warm and wet. It has since been replaced with my parents freezer that was in their garage, but the berries will have to wait until spring and the memories will never melt.

The second appliance to fail was the dishwasher right after New Years. While it had a steel interior the stupid wheels on the top rack are plastic. Imagine my surprise when I opened the thing and hauled out the top rack and it all broke from the tracks and almost broke all the dishes in it and below it. Gene cobbled it together until the new (backordered Home Depot sale one), arrived. He installed it yesterday.

It's a 100 times quieter, more efficient and holds just about as much as the old one. And it was far cheaper and got better reviews too.

But all is not gloomy here with failing appliances, once in a while we get a great sunrise and the elusive pink snow.

The beauty of it all is a balm. We are lucky enough to live in a majestic and wild place and winter is my favorite time of year.

This year we have a hare that is making our barn home base many nights. He no doubt nibbles dropped hay and I have seen signs of a shallow nest. Turkeys are abundant and my little wild flock gets some seed thrown for it each day. The foxes are pairing up and the raccoons come every couple of weeks and raid the feeders or the bungied trash barrel. Clever little sots! I always delight in seeing little light tracks from a mouse scurrying across the snow back to its burrow. I've been known to spread a bit of grain from my pocket for it. Winter is hard and starvation is a slow and painful death.

A couple of tunics have flown out of the sewing space.

Two Esme's, one a repeat as I caught a pocket on something on the last one and ripped it badly.

And a lightweight coat. I loved the look of this fabric, but it is man made fiber, has a lot of stretch and was just something I didn't want next to the skin. It is proving to be a good match for a longer version of Indigo Junction's Urban Tunic.

 A nice alternative to wearing my cashmere coat since I often find it too hot for down in the valley. Still needs hemming and closures. Tomorrow maybe, today is my town day. Shopping with Mom and hauling a weeks worth of groceries up the mountain in my new chariot. WEEEE!

Did That Just Happen?
God, talk about whiplash. I'm overwhelmed, saddened and sometimes downright scared.

Putin is purging spies suspected of leaking to the US about the hacked election. I can only guess what happens to them in Russia and what information they might have leaked. Why aren't we being informed of the contents of those leaks? Russia is also pushing its way further into the Ukraine.

The Art of the Deal????! Really, threatening a military presence in Mexico, and then pissing off an ally that has fought through thick and thin with us going back to Vietnam. All over 1250 refugees that have been well vetted and were part a deal that needs to be honored.

And amid everything else there is this about campaign dollars and this about the selling of our public lands. 

Parting shot: A tisket, a tasket, little Hazel in the laundry basket.


Peg Cherre said...

Those outdoor photos are STUNNING!!!! WOW!!!

Sorry about your bad luck with the appliances. I am sometimes surprised by the things that make me cry - like spoiled berries.

I fear I'm becoming overwhelmed with the political situation. I need to be careful or I'll back out completely. I need to pick one issue and deal with that or I won't be able to deal with any of them. It's so hard to choose, but I think that for me it will be the environment.

LA said...

I woke up to some "blue" snow early Monday morning....your "pink" snow is truly lovely. Great tunics coming out of the sewing room! We have to continue to keep our eye on the ball with the current situation. How much more does he need to do before they impeach him????

Rhonda Buss said...

Those pictures of the sunrise are absolutely beautiful! Your little Hazel is like a white version of my Miss Little Bit. It's been 4 months since we said goodbye and I still miss her so very much. Give Hazel a kiss from me :)

Anonymous said...

What a sad find to discover all your hard won berries in the freezer melted. New appliances are always nice is just the dying of the old ones that can be a real pain. Love your new red top, cute material.

Wish the impeachment proceedings would get going, Trump is doing so much harm in such a short period of time.

Cuddles for Miss Laundry girl, Hazel.

Michelle said...

Love that second top, and the bird clock against that blue wall. I can feel your pain over the berries AND what they represented; I'm so sorry.

I can't see our Republican-controlled government impeaching 45, because that would be admitting that the emperor they have all lauded is naked AND incompetent.

Martha said...

Yes, why haven't we heard about this???

Martha said...

Scary times. I'm making calls, marching and anything else I can think to do. So many people are hurting.

But. I love your new makes. Who makes the Esme tunic?

R.L. Delight said...

Hi Theresa, I have popped in now and then to refresh myself with your blog posts and sewing/weaving project but haven't left any comments. Somewhere in the reading I saw that your dad passed. My belated condolences and hugs. If we were still in Ashland, I would bring you some berries. The north coast is freezing this year but not buried in snow as you all have been. Take care! -Renee

Valerie said...

So sad about the lost berries.....maybe the pink snow was a karmic gift from them...or your Dad?

As the light increases, there is more critter activity around here as well. It's fun to see the tracks in the snow which reflects their busyness.

Sorry for the appliance seems that they make suicide pacts and go in clusters.

Theresa said...

Valerie, Good thought, made me smile. As to those appliance suicide pacts, we're watching the fridge closely.

Renee, I need to get over to your blog and look at what I know are some awesome paintings!

Martha, The Esme tunic is in Lotta Jansdotter's book Everyday Style. Keep up the good works and thank you!

Michelle, I think sooner or later they will have to admit that someone who signs a raid order over dinner one night while people with no security clearance are present is a big problem and that's just the tip of the berg....

Martha and Martha, It was such a stupid thing to cry over, but you know, little things catch you. As to impeachment, you know the evidence must be absolute.

Rhonda, Good to see you. Hazel is a funny little dog in so many ways. Why not make a trip to the shelter in Little Bit's honor and give another needy soul a chance at a great life. Kisses doled out with abandon.

LA, Blue snow sounds pretty wonderful too. I would be just as happy with a quick arrest on treason charges you know....

Peg, I hear you on the overwhelmed part. But I just pick my cause for the day. A pants on fire thing like DeVos is getting my attention this weekend. Pruitt is the next asshat in the crosshairs after that.