Thursday, February 23, 2017

Mojo Restart and a Give-Away

Let's lead with the give-away. I had said that my Schacht Inkle loom was little used and unloved and should be sold. Well instead of selling it I am giving it away along with a very pretty bird's eye Maple shuttle.

 I'll pay for shipping but please, only lower 48 states entries for it.  If you want to be in the drawing just leave a comment saying so. Names will go into a hat and one will be randomly picked next Wednesday, 3/1/17. I only ask that you pay it forward to a cause near and dear to your heart or community.  Pay the adoption fee of a dog who has been at your local shelter too long, some funds maybe to the famine crisis in South Sudan, Planned Parenthood, maybe a few bags of groceries or a generous gift certificate to your local food bank for grocery items they may need to round out their banks. Volunteer some time. Your choice on the feel good act of kindness and generosity. :-)

Okay, the mojo kickstart. A new pattern always seems to help.

I did a really crappy run through for the first one. I didn't like the multiple treatments for the neck on this pattern. Some of you will. For me, the flipping and fussing didn't suit, so I streamlined my 2nd version to take a self bias binding for the whole neckline.

 I paired down the armholes some but in the end, I need to go down a size on the top portion and keep it graded out for the lower portion/hips. I also want to put inseam pockets into the next one.

Version 2.0 is perfectly wearable and being a dark color will likely see a lot of use. Plus, well foxes! Version 3.0 will probably be linen.

And speaking of linen, I have a lot of good sized linen scraps around since it often comes in a 58" width. I really wanted to do something to get some of it out of the scrap stash.

 So a pretty much unmodified Scout Tee pattern became the perfect vehicle for a fun morning of color blocking and sewing.

All in favorite shades of green and with a slightly shaped shirt tail type hem.

A new inkle band was started on the Cendrel loom.

Time was also spent this week in spiffing up my little desk area. I am a sucker for art tiles. I have one hanging on each of my looms on Command hooks ( along with small scissors and wing nut tools), and I finally rounded up some of the tiles I had been collecting to hang en-masse.

 There's still a bit of room for a one or two small treasures.

Winter is still holding a pretty firm grip in these parts.

 Over the weekend we had 10" of wet snow that melted quickly and yesterday about another 10. Things are pretty sloppy as we slid into mud season.

That brings us to:

Did That Just Happen?

Finally, people are getting involved in their government! Record numbers of constituents are turning up and speaking their minds. For us that is remarkable. There are many other democracies around the world and it would seem Norway has hit upon a nice balance. I have to say, ours could use some fine tuning and it certainly would be a different country if we had the give and take of the Norwegian system and the participation!

Even though our elected officials may be a group of greedy power grabbing asshats, there is still much good in our country. The Muslim community coming together to help fix the headstones tipped and broken in a Jewish STL cemetery and this from a flight last Saturday night.

Lastly, there has been a spate of dog food recalls, some pretty deadly. Those with pets might want to sign up on this site for the alerts. They are very quick to send them out. And remember, foods with Xylitol are poison to your dog. Check your peanut butter especially if you use it for pilling like we do.

Don't forget to leave a short comment if you want to be included in the give-away!

Parting shot: My own basket of adorable.


LA said...

You are right: that is a sweet little basket of adorable! Lots of great tops coming out of the sewing room...I have a bad case of envy!

Kathy said...

I would love a chance at your inkle loom! I've been borrowing a friend's for a while but having my own would round out my loom collection :-)

Unknown said...

I feel totally greedy since I won the very cute needle case last month but oh man I've been wanting an inkle loom! I'd be very happy to pay the shipping for it. Good luck to everyone. Nancy

Elaine said...

I have been following with great interest all your posts about inkle looms, and especially your experience with the glimakra band loom. Would love to win your beautiful and generous offer. All of the dogs in my life have been preowned too!

Kathryn said...

Thanks for the comments about Cendrel vs. Glimakra Band Loom. I've been debating about which one to buy, suspecting that the band loom might be uncomfortable for me. Thanks in advance if I win the inkle...but even if I don't, I think it's time to up my contribution to the local humane society.

Susan said...

Please put me in the running for the loom! I like the pay it forward aspect of this giveaway and will do it anyway. And, those tops!! I may blow the dust off my sewing machine this weekend. (Thank you for the recall link!)

Anonymous said...

The new tops are cute, I always enjoy the embellishments you add to make them one of a kind. Love love love the fox tile! Your laundry basket is perfect as a nice warm bed!

Michelle said...

I don't weave so don't enter me for the loom, but that Scout Tee is FAB!

Cindie said...

Don't put me in the mix for the inkle loom as I've got the Cendrel and don't need another one. Just wanted to say love your new tops, the color blocked one from leftovers was a great idea.

Christine said...

Please add my name to the hat for the inkle loom. I've got a 12 year old boy who wants to weave himself some shoe laces.

Threadbare Designs said...

Please add my name to your generous giveaway. I'll be sure to pay it forward with the inkle I have now that just doesn't suit my body well.

Arctic-mermaid said...

Oh you are sweet to raffle off your mini inkle. It would be a great addition to my guild.
Thanks and have a great day. PS. I love the version 2. vest and now want one just like it.

Tobie said...

Please put my name in your giveaway. I have my friend, JPs loom and I would love to return it to her!

Unknown said...

Your sewing and weaving inspires me no end. I love the color blocked Scout. And i would love to be entered in your inkle giveaway. I have a tiny inkle, but would like the bigger one. I know just how I would pay it forward.

Diane in Oregon said...

(Don't enter me- I have an inkle that I already don't use :-)).

I like the first top - how do you think it would do as a tunic/jumper? I don't do sleeveless much!

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

I've never been a sleeveless Gal but I do like that Foxy shirt.
I live way out of the lower 48 so best of luck to the others.
And hello to the darling in the basket. I lost my sweet babe Miss Maddie just last month after 16 years plus. The bed is empty without her but my bad kitties help to fill the void.
We've got some snowdrops peeping up thinking it is Spring already!
Susan x

Rhonda Buss said...

Please do not include me in the giveaway, just wanted to comment that I will be making a donation to the Pregnancy resource Center in Granby, CO. This will be my kick offto Lent. They do so much with so little. One last thing, I absolutely LOVE the little mountain scene addition to your fox top. So cute!!!

Theresa said...

Diane in Oregon, it would make a fine tunic but you would have to draft a sleeve. I'm guessing Indigo Junction might use this armsythe in other patterns. I'm not a big fan of sleeveless either but it looks fab with a sweater or shrug too.

Rhonda, That mountain fabric is another from the same Moda line as the flow. They were both going to be napkins, but plans change!

Oh Susan, I'm so, so sorry about Miss Maddie. The hurt goes deep I know. Hugs.

Mary said...

What a wonderful opportunity you are giving someone. I have recently thought that I would like to work on an inkle loom and now I see your offer. I have thought of how I would pay it forward and I will probably donate to the organic farmers in the area. I live in the Applegate and if I win we could arrange to meet somewhere close and save shipping. Thanks again for this offer. Mary Ann Swindle, Grants Pass