Monday, February 6, 2017

It Ain't Over till it's Over

How about them Pats? Okay, I just have to gloat a little. My Mom and I watched together at her place and neither one of us could bear to watch it after the score went to 28 to 9. I decided to go home early due to a storm rolling in. There is an unwritten football rule in my world. If your team is winning, watching is best, if losing, the radio works, which why last night I was at my computer, listening to the game after I got home. Of course desk placement means I can glance up and see, what's going on.

The football equivalent of peeking at a scary movie part through your fingers and peek I did. And jump up and down and got the dogs all excited too. And Roger Goodell deserved every boo he got last night and then some!

To Falcon's fans everywhere, I hear you, I know how you feel. It was a hell of a game and you are a young team with a ton of talent, full of grace and class. Barring another match-up with my much loved Patriots, I'll be rooting for you.

Speaking of desks, a while ago I brought my Dad's desk home from the cottage. My Mom preferred to keep her desk and this Room and Board model is much more my style.

 I even found some space for a printer using a portion of the old top I had there. The super large Mac came with the desk and has replaced my little laptop. I kind of miss my laptop but a free almost new computer is okay too.

I have spent a little time getting a 10 yard pillowcase warp measured out. I needed to get enough 10/2 cotton for it and got a good price on this 3 +- pound cone. It's huge!

I've sold my Glimakra band loom. Weaving from the side just didn't suit my right shoulder and neck no matter how much I loved the treadles and sheds. I ordered a Leclerc Cendrel to replace it because I DO like the freedom a floor inkle/band loom provides compared to a table model.

On channeling Spring,  I found these fun shoes on sale while shopping with my Mom on Thursday.

 If anyone hasn't tried them, Algeria makes a very comfortable shoe for walking and standing. This is my second pair of this brand.

Did That Just Happen?

Great article on the Patriots Superbowl comeback.

Saturday Night Live with Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer was brilliant. The Grim Reaper as Steve Bannon wasn't bad either. :-)

Parting shot: Pensive Jack.


  1. I don't do sports so nothing to comment on there. But I LOVE those shoes!!! Next time I need new shoes I'll see if I can find Algeria brand to try on. I have some foot issues and am always looking for comfy.

  2. When we left my son's last night the Falcons were still winning. Considering what part of the country we're in, they are obviously the favored team in these parts. What a shock to check the final score this morning!

    Love those shoes! I hadn't heard fo the brand so I'll have to see where I can find them. I do like the Mary Jane style.

  3. I thought about emailing or texting you when the game started to turn around but thought you would be too entrenched in the game and never see it.

    Those are very fun shoes!