Saturday, February 4, 2017

A Saturday Post for the Armchair Activist

I'm well aware that there are those that want a weaving or sewing blog to remain that always. Heaven knows I would prefer that too, but desperate times call for ....finish it please. ;-)

I get a lot of comments about people feeling helpless and not wanting to watch news. A lot of fear out there. But I'm here to tell you that speaking your mind is the most powerful thing you can do. With our voices alone we can determine our future. Every senator, every elected representative understands this.
They also understand that if they are not working for the good of their constituents they will be quickly out of a job.

Millions of people are marching and protesting and it is amazing to me how peaceful those protests have been.  It's fun and most of us benefit from a day out in the fresh air spent with our fellow man changing the world, one citizen at a time, all together. They need to stay peaceful. A number of states are trying to undermine protests. One bill says it's okay to hit people on roads with their cars, unintentionally of course. This 1st Amendment right MUST be protected. And good journalism must be protected or we are going to have more Bowling Green Massacres. Never has an administration been so willing to outright lie about anything and everything. Just how did 109  airport detainees grow to between 60,000 -100,000 visas being revoked I'll never know.

The new administration is gutting financial protections and clean stream acts. Good grief, even a child recognizes the need for life to thrive it must have clean air and water. I don't know if any of my readers remember just how polluted our waterways had become by the 70's, but it was pretty darn bad. Love Canal anyone? 

I know you all remember 2008 when banks that were "too big to fail" did just that. Boy did those golden parachutes fly too. Underwater had new meaning and hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes. The Dodd Frank Bill addressed the root problem of just how the banks greed got us to that point. It offered some real protections. Like any bill it is not perfect but with the Republicans standing firm as the party of no in the Obama administration, it also made it impossible to vote through changes that would have made the bill better. Well no worries, it's ALL going down the tubes, baby and bathwater.

And then of course there will be horrors at Standing Rock. It's coming over a stupid oil pipeline, one Bismarck didn't want because of pollution concerns...... Hmmm. Over and over again, we have screwed our Native Americans and it has just got to stop. How can we even begin to address human rights world wide when we have been some of the worst offenders ourselves. There are the Goldman Sacks suits and the Big Oil suits all filling up that cabinet waiting to line the pockets of themselves and their friends in the biz. I'm not seeing a lot for the little guy, the citizen.  It all seems so dire doesn't it?

But wait, the land grab I mentioned, the public outcry here in the west was so strong and strident this has happened. At least for now.

Voices do matter, being a citizen is terribly important and it is our responsibility in times of crisis to stand up for what we believe in. And it just so happens, that in this day and age, it's a pretty simple thing to do! You can march, there are protest everywhere and I'm sure in your community or one nearby there are groups needing hands to help and boots on the ground. You can give to your representatives this year if they are fighting for what you sent them there for. I've spread 5 and 10 bucks around to a lot of different places this year so far. Heck, flipping a GOP seat in Georgia to a Democrat has even seen some donations from me. And of course it's easy to do if you can afford it. Even easier and free is letting your voice be heard.  5 Calls allows you to do just that painlessly. Put in your zip code, check the boxes for issues that you want to speak out on and it will give you the people to call complete with phone number and script! How flipping easy is that? You can then document what transpired with your call. Myself I've been doing it every day. Some days I've even gotten a real person. The staff at Jeff Merkley's office are pretty nice BTW. Wydens a bit more workmanlike. And gosh, I never did get through to McConnell's office.

The point is though, they hear you, and they are noticing and the public outcry IS making a difference.
So armchair activists, grab your phones and ready, set, dial! I'm stepping off my soapbox, at least for right now. I've got some important calls to make. ;-)

Parting shot: Breakfast in bed anyone?


  1. I love that last photo. So peaceful.

    And I haven't backed away. I do what I can, and do my best to not feel guilty about not doing more. I make phone calls, I send postcards & emails, I've attended 1 rally so far. I just have to 'unfollow' a few FB seems like that's what's overwhelming me. I've picked my issue and I need to follow that. Plus an occasional sideline like DeVos. Or an immigrant ban. Or whatever Donald will come up with next. I do fear that he does the really crazy stuff to divert us from whatever he's doing quietly, but I have to not pay attention to that.

    Did you know he filed to run in 2020 on inauguration day? He can now collect campaign contributions for the next 4 years. :-(

  2. And Peg, YOU are awesome for doing all that. Spike is a spoiled little brat, but doesn't he look sweet on that handwoven linen pillowcase? ;->

  3. Date to keep in mind: 6 November 2018. All the seats in the House are up for election! You might enjoy reading the opening statement on the Wikipedia page:,_2018 It will give you a chuckle. Keep up the good fight!

  4. Thanks Teresa, always an enlightening political post. Will be using that 5 Calls website to add to the letters I'm already sending and will be adding phone calls to my to-do list.

    I wonder if one day the rest of the country will wake up and wonder how did allow all this to happen by voting for trump.

  5. AMEN! And may I add that phone calls are more effective than letters and postcards. This administration is not for the people of is only for the wealthy. I don't know when the dumb folks who voted for him will get that. I get physically sick when I see his face and used a program that changes the photographs to kittens!

  6. I admire your positive outlook and determination. And Spike looks adorable!

  7. I say YES to your well written and helpful post. Thank you Teresa

  8. I think it's safe to say that, with inaction, one is in danger of becoming part of the problem. I've got all my representatives on a list - and I call and write. And I'm with Peg - I've had to pare down my Facebook interaction. Stick to the basic rights (that are being trampled) and you've got it covered!

  9. Thank you, Theresa, for another great post. I've had a bad case of Trumpian doldrums. It's been hard to pry myself away from the computer. . . Just when I think it can't get crazier, another Presidential Proclamation comes out, as though he thinks that's all it takes, Constitution or laws be damned. I have a couple of groups of close friends who support each other through this, and yes, we are calling & writing. And I am embracing the label of "Proud Libtard Snowflake", complete with pink pussyhat.

  10. Thank you Theresa from here on the other side of the world. I'm amazed that such a man could get elected and thankful that so many Americans are keeping an eye on him as closely as is the rest of the world. I view him and his appalling ignorance and his foul sidekick Bannon as very dangerous men. All and every link you provide is read and I'm reading about US politics than I've ever done in my life.