Tuesday, December 6, 2016

There's Snow in Them Thar Hills

In the valley looking up

And lots of clouds and ice too.

Highway 66

Winter came in with a slush storm, then it turned to snow.
My drive down to town yesterday was a bit slick but very pretty!

Highway 66 
 We do love our Subaru's in this part of the world. I swear just about every family up here has one and if they don't it's 4WD truck of some sort.

I had a little bit of down time, or should I say home time? I cobbled 3 days together without having to  get into the car and drive down to town.  One day I stayed in my PJ's ALL DAY just cause I could.
The sewing salon saw a pretty good draw down on the cut and waiting pile with these two pieces.

The adorable raccoon fabric became a wonderful warm cold weather tunic.

The Esme neckline and body with the Scout Tee arm hole and sleeves is perfect. Nice big patch pockets lined in some pale pink linen scraps complete the garment. I'm not a big fan of flannel but the Japanese flannel is lighter with a lower nap and I like that. I might look for more in another pattern.

The second piece is a happy grass green linen. Modified Grainline Scout tee with inset side pockets.

 The bit of patterned fabric is another saved shirt piece.

If you look closely you can see the button at the top of the neckline. I cut it from the very bottom of the shirt button placket so there is still a lot of this pretty fabric left. Neck binding came from a sleeve.

Fiona the Wolf Pup has got another warp on her. This one a scarf all in Shepherd's Wool.

Lovely stuff. The weft is some Shibui yarn, a silk merino blend. I'm doing a bit of inlay. This is a gift. It's been a long time since I wove a scarf. Certainly is faster than towels or runners!

The Macomber has been loaded with his linen and cotton warp.

 I need to make time to thread but the winding on went very quickly with the warping valet. Amazing what I can get done in 3 days in my Pj's huh? ;-)

And of course, the holiday season has started in earnest. I am doing very little shopping this year. Most gifts to friends and family this year are home crafted, but there was one big gift I needed to get and that was for my Mom. Now we took the dining table and chairs because when she moves it will be a much smaller place, but she still needs to have some place to eat. Last Saturday, small business Saturday,  I found this awesome set and knew it was just perfect.

 Sturdy, no sharp edges and scaled perfectly for apartment living. The chairs BTW are extremely comfortable! We'll bring it down Christmas eve with a big red bow on it.

Parting shot: Hanging out.


  1. Your Mom will love that dinette set!!! Perfect for apartment living! The fox flannel is to die for....flannel is perfect this time of year!

  2. Wow you've been productive!! Love the scarf and the new breakfast table....so cute! You're mom will love it.

  3. Do your doggies often like their heads covered? My daughter had a dog like that...I never have.
    A whole day in PJs? I'm a bit jealous. I get up and put on warm clothes every morning to go outside and walk for miles. Then I can't put my PJs on until just before bed because Jack has to have his night time walk just before that. Sigh. No hanging out in PJs for me.

  4. The dinette set is wonderful-perfect for a small space. Take more pj days as you definitely deserve them. I love the scarf you are working on!

  5. What Peg said! Did you do chores in your PJs???

  6. It makes me hyperventilate thinking of driving the road to your house in the snow/ice. Of course I feel that way about your road in nice weather!

    Love the dinette set. Did you get it at one of those places we like in Medford near Trader Joe's?

  7. Cindie, I knew you wouldn't be thrilled with those pics. ;-) I did get that table at American Mercantile

    Michelle, Yep horses and goats don't care if you are in PJ's (coat and boots hide a lot) and out here in the monument, no one is going to see me even if I was butt naked.

    Mary, I have a few more PJ days coming up....

    Peg, My dogs like all them covered, most bury under the covers at night, Spike just couldn't get his little blanket right this day. I suspect he thinks if he can't see us we can't see him! We have a dog door out to a HUGE chain link pen so no dog walking needed. Who would see us anyway except this gossiping squirrels!

    Valerie, I hope she loves, if not I do! The scarf is just a plain weave, nothing fancy but the fibers make it special. The merino is so soft.

    LA, Yep flannel and corduroy work so well for winter!

  8. Fun stuff. And I love the table and chairs you found, bet she will too.Really unique.

    The scarf you're weaving is gorgeous.

  9. What great projects! That's an awesome way to spend a snow day, some sewing and some weaving. Ah, just right :-)