Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It's Getting Mighty Swampy Out There

Or maybe a better title might have been Bread and Circuses?

 I can't imagine that anyone thinks it's a good idea to appoint people who have no experience or great dislike for the agencies they will head up. I can't imagine a President elect asking for all the names of folks who worked on climate change in their agency. Employees, like you and me, doing their jobs. Are we talking witch hunt here? I can't imagine that the people of the United States can't see that the threads that connect through this new cabinet is bankers, billionaires and big oil. These are groups of folks that really and truly don't have the middle classes best interests at heart. Nor do they particularly care about clean air and water, preserving public lands because face it, they can go and live where those qualities still exist, at least for a time....

This a money and land grab pure and simple. Pillage and weaken our democracy. There are parallels to made to the rise of Fascism in Germany. Didn't the people of Germany say over and over again, "We didn't believe he would really do those things." when Hitler started talking about strengthening Germany by persecuting one minority or another. All in the interest of making Germany "great" again. Have we all forgotten that? I find it particularly unsettling that all three branches of government are under one majority, one that has gerrymandered and cheated to win elections, a party that looked away when they were told that an enemy state was hacking to help a candidate of their party. A party that is more partisan than patriotic. Insanity.. Some people may benefit from it, but the vast majority of us will not.

 It really is time to call in the dogs and piss on the fire. Contact your congress folks, sign petitions, let your voice be heard. If you don't know who they all are, here is a link to help you out. For petitions, list is here. If you have the time and inclination, calling your chosen rep and speaking at least to an aid is the most effective. And if you are fine with this, then do nothing but don't whine about how things aren't better down the road a bit.

Okay, off the soap box and moving on. No pun intended and heading into the sewing salon.  Some fun new fabrics to add to the curated stash.

 A few have already been utilized in a Sunday morning cutting frenzy.

Nothing swampy about this green!

 Through my years of sewing I have botched more vest patterns than I care to mention. I've had a few that I thought would work well, but they didn't. I decided to grab an old Butterick Connie Crawford pattern B5473. I like the cut of this long vest but it's a bit close and it has no collar. I graded out for a looser fit on this wearable test run and installed a high collar.

 Robin & Hazel playing in the mirror
 Now this bull denim with stretch is heavy and cheap. It was hard to work with, but I have some beautiful nubby salt and pepper wool that will be just perfect for this. I'll shorten it and line it.

This cotton sateen print was made into another fun Indygo Junction Retro Raglan, lengthened a bit.

Notice the collar? This is what I used for the vest, modified a bit of course.

Last make was a quick Kiota top using limited yardage of a lovely light cloth from India, hand printed most likely.

 It was in the latest stash upgrade above. At only 1.5 yards this was an easy pattern choice.

Saturday I also added to the yarn stash. I really just went in to the Web-sters for two knitting patterns.
This is what I came out with.

 I just finished my bit of gift knitting, so I can put on the needles whatever my heart desires.

Some spinning has been going on too. The Matchless got dusted off and Jack wanted to jump in and learn the ins and outs and of course, have me move the wheel closer for him! ;-)

And there has been snow and broken plow vehicles.

 No doubt more of both to come. In fact it looks like we got a good 6 inches overnight. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Here is this years holiday book choice.

Parting shot: Read to me of biscuits and bones and Santa Paws.



  1. Well said - I just can't believe what's going on politically right now, I keep thinking the things happening can't really happen in our country but they are. Will be checking out that website.

  2. I love the green vest. The collar and lining make it extra special. I wish I had your comfort and skill at modifying patterns. And yes, the new cabinet is crazy. I'd like to be positive about it not making a total mess of things, but am afraid I can't.

  3. Love the new Christmas book. Glad to see that Jack is keeping you on your toes. Lovely new additions to your wardrobe, your closet must be packed tight with all your creations.

  4. You're preaching to the choir, girl!!! It is important to flood your elected officials with calls right now, that's for sure! Love the new outfits (and especially the sheep fabric!)

  5. You are absolutely correct. I never understand how people can vote agains their own self interests. Actually, I think Americans (and I am one) are in general just very poorly educated and don't know how to think critically. They sit on their couches and watch awful shows on TV. I've never thought Donald Trump was an admirable person and now I think he is just repugnant and dishonest and greedy and ignorant. Actually I could go on and on so I will stop here.

  6. My husband asks me what good is it to get my blood pressure up about what is going on with our country; what can I really DO about it now? I tell him I'm signing every petition and sending emails and phone calls to every person I can, and will keep doing so. It may put me on a very undesirable "list," but at least I'm doing SOMEthing!

  7. I'm pleased that we're on the same plane politically. The prospects are disturbing. I'm doing what I can. Always good to see what you have going on in your studio. I've just finished Christmas knitting, too, and am looking forward to some new projects. Just finished sewing an "everyday" bunad (Norwegian folk dress, blouse & apron), and ready to begin embroidery on my dress bunad. Class is coming up in April. I can't wait!

  8. Yvonne - The bunad sounds lovely. I have always admired the embroidery I see on many of the Scandinavian style folk dresses. It is a skill I am woefully lacking in.

    Michelle - In times like this you and I and others may be each but one voice but when we all raise it up together it is powerful stuff. Tell Rick it is complacency that weakens democracy.

    Tobie - It's been a rough number of years thanks to the last Republican POTUS and there are many that just didn't lifted up They heard what they wanted to hear instead of looking at who was saying it.

    LA - Those little swatches of fabrics are only a half a meter, but you can be sure I will be using them in creative ways! BAAAAAAA!

    Martha - Jack is my weaving and spinning supervisor. Knitting bores him though. The closet does go through transformations. It's not as packed as you might think. I send many lovely makes off to charity.

    Peg - I think that vest will be fun in the spring. It's awfully stiff though, I'm hoping a couple of washings will soften it up a bit.

    Cindie - I gotta say, I get up each morning and check CNN to see if the Cheeto has been arrested or the powers that be have decided he truly is unfit and take the nomination away from him. Conflict of interest or treason? Both?

  9. You are so funny...hopefully by Christmas you will have this out of your system :-) I can just see you out there stomping in the snow!

  10. Oh lordy, Theresa, you have summed it up perfectly. This all started w/ Gingrich back in 1995. Who was surprised when today's press conference about cheeto's business interests was kicked down the road to January? He had better things to do, like meet with Kanye West. Grrr...

    Your sewing amazes me...when do have time to wear it all!?

  11. You're right. It does no good to grind our teeth. Time to call, write and maybe march.

    Do really like the green color and the shape of that vest. Can you say more about the Kiota top? I'm not familiar with that pattern line.

  12. Martha - The Kiota top is one of the patterns in the book Everyday Style by Lotta Jansdotter.

    Valerie - And let's look at China's response yesterday....YIKES! I am amazingly well dressed to swan around here and yell at the TV.... ;-)

  13. Well I know you don't agree BUT since Republicans gave President Obama the benefit of the doubt and did not call him names WE should do the same for President elect Trump. The rhetoric has just got to be tamped down. I am afraid for our country right now because no one will just wait and see if things get better or worse. Personally I have to say I am ashamed of the way people speak about a duly elected President elect.

  14. Respectfully Sue O, they did call Pres. Obama names, many I won't even write here and DJT was right in the pack with the whole flipping birther claims. In 2010 Newsweek devoted a cover to the names Pres. Obama was called. Link is:

    And wasn't there just someone in WV who lost their job ( and got it back) for calling FLOTUS an "Ape in heels?"

    But we do still have First Amendment Rights at least until DJT wants to start suing or locking folks up for free speech.

    As to giving him a fair shake, well, rhetoric aside, he has not released his taxes, he is making a fortune off of his name and using his pres. elect status to wrangle deals overseas. He is muddying the waters all over the globe with stupid tweets instead of adhering to one POTUS at a time and as to being duly elected, HRC was not the one who had a Russian Operative on her staff. Trump did and his name was Paul Manifort.

    On a personal note I find bragging about sexual assault and making fun of the disabled two things I least like to see in a POTUS and I find it down right creepy the way he talks about his daughter. I don't know any Dad that goes on a national radio show and brags his daughter is a real piece of ass, do you? I guess if you want to dismantle democracy he's going to be great, then at least all those folks complaining about lost jobs/health care/SS don't even need to be heard since the media will be government run by the Russians, no doubt.

    1. Here, here! When my dad asked me why I have reservations about Trump (I choose my words very carefully around him) I said that I cannot support someone who talks about women and minorities and the handicapped (etc. etc.). His response was "That's if you believe the left-leaning media." I said, "No, Dad. I watched him say those things with my own eyes. And what he said during the campaign made it clear to me that he has not changed since that dirty little exchange about grabbing women's privates videotaped over 10 years ago." I followed the last two debates word for word with real-time fact-checking; Hillary may be a "typical" politician, but Trump plays terribly fast and loose with truth. And his outrageous statements continue to be tweeted out for everyone to see and hear.... How is this going to get "better"?