Friday, December 23, 2016

Organic Flocking

You know...SNOW! It's going to be a white Christmas here in the Greensprings.

Mother Nature and Old Man Winter are working together to bring beauty and serenity to my special place in the world. The woods are beckoning to me today to take a quiet walk among whispering giants, to sit until my own shoulders gather a snowy shawl, my nose and cheeks become rosy and my hair is ruffled in all directions by gusts both gentle and strong.

I might even have to stomp out a reindeer landing pad. I'm sure Jack and Robin and Spike and Smoochie and Pogo would all be willing to mark out the perimeter! ;-)

It is almost time to track Santa. You know it is with childhood joy I give you this link each year.
It's always fun checking in, spiked eggnog in hand, to watch his progress.

To all my friends, far and near, hold loved ones close,

and for gosh sakes, have a very Merry Christmas, A Happy Hanukkah, a Joyful Kwanzaa, or a Festive Festivus. Let love and kindness shine no matter what flavor your holiday is.


  1. Yes, you'll definitely have a white Christmas up there, we may even have one down here at a lower elevation.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Theresa. May 2017 be the antidote to 2016 for us all.

  3. (Chuckle, chuckle...."mark the perimeter" ...giggle!!!!) Merry Christmas to ya'll in the winter wonderland!!!

  4. Happy Festivus! and everything else. Wishing you joyful, peaceful, fulfilling - Coco

  5. Sending you and all the four-legged family, both wild and domestic, wishes of joy and peace, and plenty of hugs.

  6. Martha - Thank you!

    Peg - Amen, winter's here are hard on all our friends, extra treats go out regularly. I hide stuff in the woods too.

    Coco-Same to you! Hope you are enjoying your family and those cats are snug in their new beds.

    LA - My companion of choice was running out towards the end.... ;-)

    Valerie - Wouldn't that be nice if 2017 us the anti 2016, but I'm not counting on it. Looks like toxic tweeting is in all our futures, and that's the least of it.

    Cindie - You should have seen the pile-up Christmas eve afternoon. The highway dept. neglected to rock. It was a winter wonderland of sliding cars....

  7. What beautiful photos! Wishing you a blessed holiday filled with fun, family, and friends.

  8. Thank you, Theresa, for this lovely post. We live in the country (well, outside of Bellingham WA) but without the stands of tall trees. . . mostly pasture. What beautiful photos! I love reading your blog throughout the year, and draw inspiration from your creativity. The best to you in the New Year!