Friday, December 30, 2016

Presents and Pet Peeves

Hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday!

 It was a bit subdued here, but I think we managed to focus on the important things we still have in our lives rather than those that are lost to us. The news of my Mother getting the apartment she wanted buoyed us all through the holiday.  She loved the table and it will fit perfectly in the  designated space. She even picked out a very girlie crystal chandelier to hang over. Her first foray into decorating on her own!  I had downloaded a few different possibilities and she picked from those. I'll order it for her today. Woohoo!

Gene and I stayed home Christmas Day, padding around in sweats and PJ's. I got a Glimakra band loom which we put together, together!

 Here is the start of the first effort and the color inspiration.

 It's a fun loom but it also brings me to my pet peeve. I'm a fit and finish girl. I would rather pay a bit more for an item that is made well than one that's so-so, especially with a tool like a loom. It works, there is no issue with that, but it is cheaply made of a light pine.

 I could hear wood splitting when I was assembling a piece. Gene glued it. The pre-drilled holes where poorly done and the stick shuttle supplied is simply crap.

 Having said all that the band is weaving up beautifully and it is a lot easier than an inkle loom IMHO. I love the treadles. Wouldn't it be pretty painted though?

This bag from Cheerio Textiles is a work of art!

A beautiful gift from a friend made locally out of cloth handwoven in Mexico.

 It's called a Maker's Bag and right now it has the start of a shawl in it from Swan's Island Ikat Firefly yarn.  The little fox bag on the band loom was also a gift from the same dear friend.

Gift certificates and the 4 Later kit for the Schacht Baby Wolf rounded out the day. I know Gene missed the fun gadgets that my Dad would get for him. He got some wonderful stuff regardless and got some gadget fixes installing stroller wheels on BW and a new fancy Delta hand held shower. We had Chicken Parmesan for dinner and a roaring fire in the fireplace. Dogs played with new balls and Nylabones.

Before the holidays I found the most perfect Etsy seller and visited her shop often both for things for myself (shameful I know), and gifts for friends and family. LadyBaaBaa1 (Lorrie actually), does all her work using recycled sweaters and the quality I've seen far surpasses others who do the same. Here are my three purchases,

 two recycled cashmere cowls (one reversible), and a pair of warm lined felted wool sweater mittens.

There are fingerless gloves, infinity scarves and hats all from recycled cashmere and wool and the prices are excellent!  The pretty little bird (partridge maybe?), phone case that provided color ideas for a band was a surprise gift from the shop. I really did frequent it quite a lot this season. Check it all out here.

A little sewing happened too while I lounged around post holiday.

 More spring than winter but I enjoyed working with the cute fox fabric Cindie surprised me with in the fall.

 The green linen pants really needed a press but that color will get a lot of use in my wardrobe.

Nick's warp is on and being woven.

 I am loving this fun one shuttle block weave. First towel up is neon green linen!

New Year's Eve is also my Mom's birthday. She'll be 79. We're taking her out for dinner at a fancy restaurant to celebrate. Some things never change! ;-)

Wishing you all a good and safe New Year's Eve. Let's hope that 2017 is better than our expectations....

Parting shot: An exhausted Santa Paws tucked in for a long winter's nap!


  1. Your first band on the loom looks great - love the inspiration. Too bad on the craftsmanship of the band loom - that's how I felt about my AVL - no wood finished, holes drilled crooked and some not even all the way through (which resulted in them sending me all need heddle bars, they were so bad they wouldn't raise and lower without hanging up due to crooked drilled holes). I expect more when paying that much for a piece of weaving equipment as I expect you do. So, are you going to paint it some fun color?

  2. I'm surprised to hear that the band loom was poorly made...that's a brand name that usually means quality. Sad!!! But, I do love the band you have started! I really like that towel you're that a 4 or 8 shaft pattern???

  3. LA, the pattern is from Handwoven Jan/Feb 2016, the linen issue. I think it it one of my favorites actually. Anyway the pattern is 8S/8T. One band loom owner on Revelry (Dawn McFall-macweaver) actually had to wrap the back and front beams with light sheet metal because the wood is so soft, the threads were creating ruts. The Julia too was the same kind of cheap low quality soft pine wood. I had marks starting over the beams when I sold mine.

    Cindie, A good woodworker could duplicate this loom in a nicer wood. Heck if Schacht made a band loom it would probably be more ergonomically designed and certainly better made! I'm thinking Candy Apple Red enamel or maybe a 1940's soft but medium green. At least paint will keep the wood from splitting.....

  4. Well you are certainly right about the prices of LadyBaaBaa! I might have to do some shopping there myself. Or at least get some inspiration for future creations.

    Wishing you all the best in 2017!

  5. I see sanding and painting in your future...I agree with you on well-made and made well.

    Congrats to your Mom, on her new digs and that chandelier, and her BD! And Happy New Year!

  6. I have been following the band loom thread on Raverly, and I was surprised to hear of the poor construction. I wonder if anyone has ever complained!

  7. Glimakra should represent quality work, I say! Love the idea and I hope it works well for you in spite of the fixes.

    Good news for your mom. I know that's a relief for you all.