Sunday, January 1, 2017

Looms and Other Fiber Tools 2017 Edition

I haven't done this in a few years, so let's take a quick inventory.

Looms changed a fair amount over the last year or so. The AVL PDL left, the Gilmore Gem II and the Murphy loom all found homes. One more loom will leave early this year (fingers crossed), and that is Nora, the 32" Macomber.

Fear not though, I am certainly NOT loom poor.  Behold! The Wall of Schacht!

Complete with covert undercover dog.....

There is Fiona the Wolf Pup LT and Shrek the Baby Wolf 4 Now 4 Later, (the 4 later kit will be installed today), and the lovely Matchless spinning wheel.

The Glimakra band loom, which is quiet and easily moved around the house and likely outside come warmer weather.

Downstairs in the studio proper is 12 shaft Lout Spring, my late father's loom.

 It has history, a lot of history. It's also a great loom. I'm lucky to have such a beautiful legacy to use, create and admire. He shares space with the 12 shaft 40" Macomber, dubbed " St. Nick", since his gotcha day was right at Christmas time two years ago.

Tucked into the guest/yoga room is also the Schacht Sidekick wheel.

 I drag this little guy all over the house to use and parts elsewhere too! Did I mention I like Schacht products? ;-)

Now onto fabric handling and the stable of sewing machines, 1 Brother sewing/embroidery machine, 2 Brother sergers (D1034's), and 4 Pfaff's of varying ages.

Look Cindie, floor before weekly vacuuming!
 What you don't see is the little Singer Genie, the heavy duty 158 series Kenmore, the Bernina, and the Morse Fotomatic IV.  Sewing machines are obviously easier to store than looms! ;-)

I'm pretty darn happy with the loom assortment and I might wager that come 2018 the array will not have changed much. There might be some shake-ups in the sewing salon and much as I hate to say it, there are a couple of machines that are completely stored away and haven't been used in years. Might be time to move them along so they can be adopted and loved.

So, how did everyone else do with the fiber tools in 2016?  Today seems like the perfect time to flash the beauties!
Happy New Year everyone, may 2017 be good to us all.

Parting shot: The butt warming zone.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely herd of looms and sewing machines! I have to admit I covet both your Macombers and possibly the Spring. I see that the butt warming area is being guarded by the orange Timmy. ;-)

Theresa said...

LOL, good eye Martha, that is actually Aaaahnold, one of Mr. Jacks balls ( he no longer has the natural kind....) which Hazel loves to steal. They squeak, so when she chews it, he comes running, and then there are a lot of lifted lips, growls and paw wringing. If you were closer I know that Nora would have been in your stable. One will turn up in striking range, sooner or later.

Sharon said...

Shoot, you could open a weaving studio right in your home!!

Michelle said...

I'm pretty sure I only added one fiber tool in 2016, the lilac Jenkins Aegean Turkish spindle I bought myself for my birthday. I should get photos of everything, though.

Yvonne said...

Happy New Year, Theresa! I've been following your blog for awhile now, and I always draw inspiration from you! As for my own stash of equipment, my happiest addition has been a new spinning wheel from Web-sters in Ashland OR, which I found when we were down for the Shakespeare Festival in the fall. The Reeves-Shacht used to live in the front window there. I will be letting go of a couple of my single-treadle wheels (knee issue). As far as sewing machines go, I just found a used Bernina 160 on eBay that will be arriving soon. That will join my small family of sewing machines. I look forward to spending more time weaving and sewing in the New Year. . . more wearables, less quilting nowadays. Wishing you the Best!

Peg Cherre said...

It was December when I picked up my Dorset. Who knows how long it will take me to move on the Missouri and the homemade counterbalance, but I am committed to doing so. I have just one sewing machine - a fairly new, VERY simple Janome. And I continue to stick to my guns regarding spinning - I haven't tried it and don't intend to...there are just so many hours in a day/week/year.