Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Days of Snow and Ice

We have had some pretty sustained cold and that has made for lots of ice on the roads and around the house.  I bought a heavy duty pair of Yaktraks this past December and I am so glad I did. Bogs are great boots for keeping warm and dry but they have pitiful soles for traction on ice. The Yaktraks do a good job and have been staying put on the boots pretty well. Crossing the ice sheet on our driveway to get to the barn at dark o'clock on any given morning has been made much safer.

The roads however have been a crap shoot. Snow covered,

ice covered

and in the valley, the weird and chilling freezing fog.

It's downright spooky when you enter it.

 Cue the organ music please....

To all who won in the give-away. I think I have all of your addresses and hopefully, stuff will get stuffed and shipped this week. Free is not always fast and this past weekend with spillover (our way of saying a holiday weekend), is turning out to be busier than I had expected. I am trading in my trusty Outback for another trusty Subaru Outback.

I had racked up the miles on my car over the summer and into the fall with daily trips to see my Dad and then almost daily trips well into December to help my Mom out. Things have calmed down and at 4 years old I figured it was a good time to trade in while the car was at a good point in value.  So today I rob the bank and head over to Klamath Falls Subaru and switch cars. I love the Subaru dealership there. They pay their guys a true salary, not a draw and commission. It's a pretty painless process and no one descends on you like Weeping Angels or strong arms you into anything.

On the creative side of things, a new band is in process but other than that, the looms have been silent.

The sewing room has not. A few things got made up and two with fabrics that had aged in the stash for a while. The other two with newer acquisitions.

First up is a funky wool and cotton top. This fabric acts like a waffle weave.

It has been washed and dried. I paired it with a skinny jean pattern in a painted stretch denim. Both these fabrics are way out of my comfort zone but they it made for a fun and funky outfit I think.

This is some linen blend vintage fabric that had been marinating for a few years. It has a lot of drape and might have a fair amount of rayon in it. It worked up into a nice tunic and I do love those hot colors of pink and orange. My flash back to the 70's maybe. ;-)

 Last up a little Mississippi top in some recently purchased lawn.

 Right now it serves as a little under layer or paired with a cardi but come summer it will be a light and cool option for a hot day.

A few gift card purchases have been arriving.

The first one a nifty band/tape weaving book (Amazon), a lovely crafted little shuttle from Etsy seller Toplyfibers. Some beautiful things for weavers in that shop! And lastly, from one of the many Etsy purveyors of fabric, some cute cotton mushroom fabric. Some people like florals, me, toadstools!  I have 3 different mushroom print fabrics in stash right now, maybe 4.

Parting shot: Hanging out.


  1. That orange and pink fabric took me back to my high school days!!! I made a dress in a similar print! Hang in there...that snow and ice means more snowpack for the mountains!

  2. Can't wait to see your new ride, maybe we will be twins again??? Lots of great sewing going on there, I love those canvas pants!.....

  3. Glad the yaktrax/Bogs combo works - I just ordered yaktrax from Sierra Trading, hope they arrive before the next ice storm!

    And congrats on the new car. I tried to buy a Subaru, but the local dealer jerked us around so much, I bought a Jeep Liberty, which I'm v. happy with.

    Love the band!

  4. Hurray for a new Subie! We love our Subaru cars and have owned several different models in the past. Love the new sewing you have been doing! Pets for the crew!

  5. That's one smart doggie under the blankie!
    I'm sure you'll love the new Subaru... I got a new GMC Canyon this past Sept. with 4-wheel drive and I just think its a riot. Can't beat a 4X4 in the snow.
    I like that funky top. It certainly looks comfy.
    So who's it going to be GB or your beloved Pats for the Superbowl? Ha!
    Sue x

  6. PLEASE no apologies for your timing on the mailing. You are GIVING AWAY valuable things, AND paying for shipping!

    Although I lived in the sticks for 30+ years, you are a braver woman than I in the driving department, my dear.

  7. Peg, Driving in some of those conditions is not my favorite, but I do have to say, all wheel drive can make almost anyone pretty brave. The ice though, scares the bejeebers out of me. Oregon uses very little salt but the crushed rock does a fantastic job of providing grip.

    Susan! How are YOU! Spike is the blanket monster. That is HIS blanket and HIS pillow. I put them out for him when I make the bed each morning. One of us is well trained. Pats of course. GB has a great team this year, but I think the Pats have a better defense.

    Martha, The drive home on crappy ice roads was made much better with the new Subaru. Lots of new features. More later- pets all around, twice!

    Diane, I was lucky to have found a pair in our local hardware store. It was a whim purchase. A good one too! Our truly local Subaru dealership is awful. They are annoying and aggressive. I had to drive 40 miles more in the opposite direction, had a choice of two cars but it was so worth it to be treated well and get a fair price for my trade in.

    Anna, LOL! The new ride is the carbide grey. Frankly I thought all the 2017 Subaru colors rather dull so as long as it wasn't red or black I was good.

    LA, YES! We are building a very good snow pack this year. I think they have something like 8 feet or more around Crater Lake. Cold temps have kept it here. And the folks in the Sierra Nevada's have really had a banner year. They so needed it. I think I'm going to do more orange and pink weaving! Maybe some waffle weave towels?

  8. Theresa, you have the best parting shots, LOL. I suppose the best thing about snow is the chance to stay indoors and fibernate. :)