Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Audacity of Snow

Our driveway
Well no sooner had I parked my new Subaru and let the engine cool than it started to snow and snow and snow.

What was predicted to be more of an event above 4500 feet was changed mid storm to above 3500 feet.  But new car or not, snow pack is snow pack and we'll take it, gladly for the most part.

This will be my first and last winter car purchase. Holy crap it was a white knuckle ride on ice covered roads with the old one and home with the new one. Maybe come spring I can get some real beauty shots!

Besides being a Subaru there are two things I already adore about the car, the heated seats (I had them in the last one), and the hands free Starlink. I can tell my car who to call and it will dial them and put them on speaker. Those that know me know my car is often really my office. Cell phone on the mountain kind of bites so I often do a lot of my calling on the road. The heated seats, heaven on a cold morning.

Thursday I managed to get off the mountain and do shopping, with my Mom like always and back to Ashland to do mine. Gene had just finished doing a little grooming on my spot when I pulled in for my one Jeep plow motorcade.

Friday and yesterday saw some fun in the sewing room. I must have had springtime on the brain. ;-)
Two Mississippi Ave tops made it out.

 I think there are still two tunics and a pair of pants in the cut pile. I'll grab something to start on after I'm done here at the computer.

A grey linen long sleeve T shirt made it out into the world too.

The fabric was leftover from the pants cut, paired with recycled fabric from a top years ago I ended up not liking. THAT had been made from a vintage tablecloth, much loved because of the dogwoods.

Between the two fabrics I managed a complete shirt.

Friday ended up being a radio day. We have a great NPR classical radio station. But you  can bet my TV was turned on all day yesterday watching the Women's March events around the world. Wow! Women know how to do marches (and likely presidency's) right, not a speck of violence, anywhere I could tell.  Awesome stuff. Friend Cindie made it down to our local Ashland one, complete with hat. Check it out.

There will be a new section to my blog. "Did That Just Happen?" will have some links to what is going on in our new administration. The new president and the houses bear constant scrutiny regardless of party affiliation.

The Women's March around the world.

Did both the President and his Press Secretary lie about CIA comments, the media and crowd sizes? Oh yes they did. Bigly!

The White House Official website pages for climate change, civil rights and LGBT rights disappeared.

But don't worry, we can find out all about Melania's jewelry line on QVC via the White House web site.

Two words that we should all become more familiar with. Gaslighting and Gerrymandering

Parting shot: Comfy Chair Takeover. :-)


  1. Gerrymandering and gaslighting are TWO terms we need to be more aware of!!! Love your new'll be doing a commercial for them before long! Terriers in the Subaru....I could see that!

  2. Love #3 who thinks he is hidden behind the blanket! lol! Be safe on those roads.

  3. Kim, Stealth ears there is Stella, who out of the goodness of her little heart lets us share the chair and throw...sometimes. ;-)

    LA, Gerrymandering has been added. Thank you for that!

  4. The term gaslighting is new to me, but oh, SO apropos! I keep thinking, "Why don't more people call him all these contradictions of self – LIES" – but maybe they are already psychologically compromised, thanks to the boatload of misinformation already fed to them for months, some of it from Russia. And WHY has no one started impeachment proceedings??? If ever a president has had multiple, clearcut violations with which to be nailed to the wall, it's Trump!

  5. One of the many amazing things about the Women's March was that all of those hats were handmade by real people.....mostly in the US.

    All of those stupid red hats.....outsourced.

    You may add that you your DTJH list ;)

  6. Have you read this open letter from the Press Corps? Great.

    I did participate in our local rally - about 1,000 people. Very peaceful and positive. Let's keep it going!

  7. Love the DTJH addition to your blog and love all the links at the top for links.

  8. Oh my. Well, I don't read politics on blogs...I prefer the news channels I read, which run the gamut from liberal to moderate to conservative.

    I like sewing blogs, with family, travel, love, and sharing thrown in.

  9. Coco, We all must do what our conscience dictates.

    Peg, GREAT article, thank you for the pass along. And congrats on going to the rally.

    Valerie, Duly noted and saved for the next DTJH.

    1. So right! I can always skip down to the parting shot :-)

  10. You're right about gaslighting... I'm going to borrow that and pass it on!

  11. I am dismayed that so many of the people I see in my country must have voted for the gaslighter. It is encouraging and comforting to read or hear from people of good will who are appalled at the recent election.

    I would suggest that any claims made for the actions of the new administration be accompanied by the source of that news.

    From the Denver Post, 1/21/17 (which got it from the Washington Post) paper edition, so it must have happened the day before, THE DAY OF the inauguration: "Trump administration halts mortgage-fee cut." The fee cut, one of Obama's final acts, was designed to "...expand the amount of people who qualified for a loan..." Homebuyers who wanted to get an FHA loan will face higher costs; "...30,000 to 40,000 home buyers will be left on the sidelines in 2017 without the cut." "...outgoing U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro" said FHA's reserves were healthy enough to withstand less revenue.

  12. I love sewing blogs with politics- especially when they align with my own. Funny, I haven't run into any for the other side.

    I think that Kellyann woman came up with a term much better than gaslighting with her "alternative facts". Yeah, that's the ticket.

    I vacillate between horrified and scared to disbelieving and highly amused these days. I'm doing some phone calling tomorrow and checking out some local groups.

  13. I love the picture of the dog at the loom. I just found your blog. I looks like one I'd like to visit often.

    I'd like to be entered in the drawing for the inkle loom.

  14. would like to enter in the drawing
    thank you