Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Our Day to Shine Tuesday

Forget Black Friday, Buy Local Saturday and Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday is all about facing outward and lending a helping hand. Donate time with a food kitchen, give canned goods, there are toy drives and coat drives. Most cities and towns have safe houses for battered women and many are in need of just the basic items since they likely left quickly to save their lives and those of their children.

Grocery stores, at least the ones around here, have coupons for dollar amounts to allow food banks to shop the items they need to round out their donations.

Your local animal shelter always needs littler and food, safe toys, blankets, beds and towels. Most of them have a wish list if you want to help fund those goals. If you adopt an animal, why not pay for another animals adoption, maybe one who has been at the shelter way too long?

This is a day when all acts of kindness and charity, are noted and appreciated, and heaven knows, there is a lot of need in the world right now.  It isn't what you give,  it's that you give, with intent and kindness. Go spread some good Karma today of one sort or another, it will make you feel wonderful, really. :-)


  1. So well said. I wrote & mailed my check to Planned Parenthood today.

  2. Done! There are so many worthy organizations that need our help!

  3. Our animal shelter is always on at the top of my giving list. Sent them a case of Blue Buffalo lamb recipe dog food to be enjoyed by the dogs waiting for new homes. Looks like Jack has a new purple collar, very dapper!

  4. I missed Giving Tuesday by a day, but donated what I could to Standing Rock yesterday. I messaged my brother that it was my Christmas present to his family, I couldn't do both.

  5. Kris, I've sent some donations there myself. Dennett, Peter, Charlotte and Bea have been giving heavily this year.

    Martha, Bravo. Jack wants you to know he looks dapper in just about ANY color. ;-)

    LA, I'm betting the need right in TN after the fires is great.

    Peg, And heaven knows, they are really going to need it if Sessions is confirmed and Pence as VP.