Monday, November 7, 2016

Pop-Ups and Falling Back

I can't begin to tell you how much I dislike changing my clocks back and forth, spring and autumn.  Can't it just stay one way or another?

Anyway, fall offers up some beautiful lighting with her slanting rays, especially in the morning. They caught these trees one morning as the sun started cresting the mountains. They looked to be on fire as I drove by Tub Springs.

 I just had to get some pics.

Once in a great while, Fabric of Vision has a pop up after doing a little special fabric curating.
Needless to say, I couldn't let the opportunity pass me by. I added some beauties to me fabric stash.

Wool Challis
Heavy painted stretch denim
Flannel Raccoons and Stretch Denim

There will be another pop-up shop this weekend with Out of the Blue, a store with the most AMAZING selection of buttons and beads and other small treasures. If you're in the area, its Friday through Sunday at 399 East Main Street.

Friend Cindie also added some wonderful fabric to my stash.

 She knows my love of all things foxy and gifted me with this fun fabric when we got together last Wednesday. Thank you Cindie!

I finished up the PJ run. Here are two bottoms and two tank tops. They aren't beautiful, but they are comfortable.

I also resurrected a pattern I hadn't used in a while. Indygo Junctions Retro Raglan. I love many things about this pattern but not the super wide neck. I made the collar higher and smaller and have found the love again.

Oh Look! A Fox!!

 It's been lengthen in both hem and sleeves. I liked it so much I went ahead and immediately cut another in a saved linen print. This one is a linen cotton blend and has a nice hand.

A bit of weaving has also gone on. This is the start of my Dad's prayer flag.

There just hasn't been a lot of time for this. Even an estate in good order takes a lot of time to mire through. Hopefully by early December the worst of it will be done with. Fingers crossed.

I did promise a pic of the towel warp off of the Louet Spring and here it is.

 Impressive huh?! Now I have to wash, cut apart and hem them all. And the birch bark runners need to be finished up since one of them is a gift. But hey, I gained an extra hour right? ;-)

Parting shot: Hazel dressing up as Stella on Halloween.



Coco said...

Oh, your weaving...beautiful.

I love the raccoon flannel!!

Michelle said...

My BIL wondered on FB when a candidate would back abolishing the time change; he could easily be a one-issue voter – ha! (I said that depending on which candidate proposed that, I could be in a moral quandary!)

Anonymous said...

Love all the fox fabrics and the finished jacket. You wove a long warp of fantastic towels, very pretty. Hazel you are the queen of Halloween costumes.

LA said...

LOVE the raccoon fabric!!! Another top? Looks like you got some great pieces of fabric for your stash!

Valerie said...

Oh...I was wondering if the dogs dressed up this year. Go Stella!!

Love your Dad's prayer flag. Hugs.

zoel vyxar said...

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Peg Cherre said...

Somehow I missed this post before. LOVE the Halloween costume! And the colors in your dad's prayer flags.