Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Takeover

No, not that way, but if I ruled the world...... ;-)

Actually the more accurate term would be an exchange. For years DH has used my Bernina Virtuosa 150QE for sewing strap goods for his business.

 It's grunt work and for some time now seemed a great pity. The Bernina does buttonholes second to none, has a hands free system and an adjustable pressure foot. To buy a newer version of this machine it would cost me near $2500. and frankly they are no longer made in Switzerland. It wasn't going to happen. The Pfaffs, are lovely machines too but do crappy buttonholes and the pressure foot is not adjustable. They do have a wonderful on board walking foot.  Both are strong machines under the hood. I have  multiple Pfaffs (no I am not going to tell you how many!), so, we traded. The B has come back into the sewing salon fold and it was funny how easily I fell back into the habit of using the hands free knee lift.

There has been some productivity in the sewing room. The beautiful wool challis was made into a wonderful sleeveless tunic

 and I grabbed some linen silk blend to make a simple woven Tee to go under it.

This had been living in stash, just waiting for the right moment.

I had some fun with another modified Retro Raglan.

 Cute woodland pattern in a Japanese linen cotton blend and I used another small animal square on the sleeve.

The last make is a modified man's shirt. I took 3 shirts from my Dad's things, ones he loved and wore often, and that I had bought him over the years. Those with a bit of history. The first was a heavy two sided chamois and I used a Tina Given's pattern to modify it into a bed jacket.

 I saved the button placket and breast pocket and also the shirt tail hem. It all works so well and my before bed reading has been elevated a notch or two.

Speaking of things, my Mom has to pare down a lot of the furniture. She will be going from a 1500 SF cottage to an 850SF one bedroom apartment. Stuff had to go. A dining table, chairs, large and small dressers, bookcases, buffet and many other smalls and appliances. My Dad wanted me to take these things myself or rehome them. I took the lions share where I could fit it. The two dressers are now in the Master Bedroom,

 we have switched out the dining table.

What we didn't need or want has gone to friends. We needed to move the stuff PDQ due to weather up here. Getting a Uhaul down a snowy 1/4 mile long driveway and moving heavy furniture up icy stairs is stupid. So out it came earlier this month. It wasn't too long ago we shopped for that table and those chairs at Scan Design. The table runner was woven by my Dad.

I have to say one of my favorite finds while cleaning out is this little portable DVD player.

 It allows me to do my yoga in the quiet guest room where the floor space is more ample and there are no helpers kissing me or trying to cuddle while I'm on the mat..

Weaving has been slow but steady. This weekend a new warp will go on Nick the big Macomber and one will come off the Baby Wolf.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving day, spent just how you want!

Parting shots: A walk in our woods.


  1. I love my Bernina, but I have never tried the knee lift...guess I will now! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

  2. So many pretty things to admire in this post...but dearest of all is your bed jacket. Happy Thanksgiving to you TSAB

  3. Glad you have your Bernina back - I love mine and love that knee lift - it didn't take me long to get used to it.

  4. Hope your Thanksgiving is a wonderful one.

  5. That bed jacket; what a special creation!

  6. Both of those dressers are stunners.

  7. Nice trade with the hubster! I love the dining set, such clean lines. Also the pup, great posture :-)

  8. I just splurged and bought a new Bernina.....the 770.. I probably ought to have my head examined. I am so envious of your crazy sewing skills. And I LOVE that light over your table.

  9. Hilary-Your Bernina 770 is an awesome machine. Enjoy!

    Coco-I am loving having that table and some fine handwoven runners came with.

    Peg- Those are Ethan Allen, American made and heavy as all get out.

    Michelle- Yes, it's nice to make an everyday item so special.

    Kim, It was okay. Obviously subdued without Dad but the turkey was good and we have much to be grateful for.

    Cindie- That knee lift becomes quite the habit. I start to look for it on the serger now too! ;-)

    Mary- And your up and walking about!

    LA- Hope you tried that knee lift out.