Monday, July 25, 2016

Winner, Winner, Venison Dinner!

Venison is on the menu for a few locals.  A great turkey head shot

and here is one of the day crew coming in for some more clean up work.

I guess for the cougar, the kill follows the fish rule, 3 days and that's it. He hasn't returned thus allowing some of the smaller predators to scavenge it. Daylight cam shots are in color but the night ones use infra red.

The new evening crew arrived nights 4 and 5.

This long legged beauty looks to me like a Lynx not a Bobcat.

He's very tall and very light colored with just light striping on his legs. Bobcats are a little smaller, more compact and darker in color and markings from what I've seen.

 In any event I'm hoping the carcass is cleaned up PDQ because when the wind blows our way, we can smell it too.

I am loving having the Louet in the bedroom. Not only is it pretty to look at, it is a joy to weave on.
Plus, the master bedroom is the only air conditioned room in the house. A little afternoon weaving in a cool room is a treat.

Oregon Ducks towels using bright greens and yellows. I'm having fun with these and think I'll keep at least one for my kitchen.

I really needed to make a new pair of PJ bottoms. Those that know me know I loath sewing with jersey/knits etc. but I had this bright beautiful cotton knit that I bought specifically for pj's. I used the Phoebe pant pattern and did about 99% of the sewing on the serger. I got through it and even did a tank to match using some leftover cotton french terry.

That about covers my annual foray into the world of knits.

Linen though is another story! I never tire of sewing it, wearing it or sleeping on it. This is the third little crop jacket from leftover linen used for pants.

 And a friend had given me a fat quarter of an adorable print she no longer wanted or needed in her stash. So sweet!

 The jacket is lightweight and perfect to take along for a little cover up on a cool evening. I could see this working through early fall too. As I was making it I was also thinking it would be just right in a heavier fabric for a bed jacket.

I'll let you know what the critter cam catches for night 6 & 7!

Parting shot: Hazel, as close as she can get to me (and not be under foot or treadle) while I weave. She's got my back so I gave her a pillow to make the chest less slippery for her.


  1. "Cool" weaving going on at your place! It's so nice having a supervisor that knows her stuff!!! Thanks for the cam shots: the story continues.

  2. Seeing all the animals who are benefitting from the cougar kill has been interesting. Love those new bright pjs, great colors. Hazel looks like a dainty little Miss on her guardian pillow.

  3. LA, Yes, I snooper visors all over the place. Jack watches from next to the loom. We are leaving the memory card in the cam until tomorrow (weds).

    Martha, Not a thing will be wasted. Smaller animals that are approaching from the snag area were the cougar dragged it are likely getting their share. Hazel is our steel magnolia.

  4. Great photos of the birds. And I love the patch on the back of the short jacket. I feel like I should know that little guy, but can't place him.

  5. Those lounging pjs are wonderful! Thanks for all the critter cam shots-it's interesting to see what is really out there. I trust a horse spook in country with predators.

  6. Peg, I vaguely remember the character too. I'll ask my friend who it is.

    Mary, Me too. Cooper has put up a fuss just a few times on the trail in our many years together. So out of character for him. He did a baby rear and spin and there was no convincing him to go further..I will say he didn't feel the need to race back, but he was anxious to leave the area.