Tuesday, August 2, 2016

That's All Folks

After the two night visits from the lynx, the trail cam caught nothing but vultures and one night, the outline of a deer passing by.  It did pick up two days of someones dogs coming in for a visit. Hope they didn't go home stinking too badly.  We've taken it down, needs the batteries replaced anyway.
I will say I have only seen one doe with a fawn this year, but then again I haven't been looking too closely.

Oh and let's not forget our wonderful turkeys who circle the property daily. We see them about every two hours.

I did manage to get some pretty picks of the gardens both veggie and flower.


Acorn Squash
Shasta Daisy

Red Lambs Ear & Salvia
 We enjoyed our english peas but once it got really hot last week, they started to fade. I pulled the last of the pods and then the plants, allowing room for the peppers, tomatoes,eggplants and squashes.

I have one make done (except for hems), sitting in the sewing salon. I spent what time I had weaving since it also allowed for better listening of the convention last week.

 Plus it was in the 90's outside so the air conditioned space felt wonderful.  Perfect for Timmy tossing.

check out the paw clutch...if she only had thumbs!

Even on the hottest day, the downstairs never got warmer than 75F. Pretty good for a house with no a/c.

Under the truly mundane  I finally dragged the ladder upstairs and put up this sweet quilt

and moved the picture that had been there to a better location.

The blind for the studio came a few weeks ago.


 I love it, it was a great choice.

 I'm eyeing this solution for the master bedroom. Heck, there are a couple of other places this would work too.

Parting shot: Quiet time.


  1. Love the wood blinds. I have them on the west-facing side of my screen porch - before my garden matured and became very shady, they were a great help. I keep them there even now, they just look nice, only about 1' down.

    Love your pack of turkeys (flock is too tame for this bunch - so many!)

  2. I'm impressed by the turkeys...every 2 hours...Wow!

    I guess not everyone has inclination to weave lace curtains. ;-) I'll make your curtains, you make my pants....that'd work if only we lived closer. The blinds look very nice.

  3. Love the stained glass work of the running fox in your window. Nice to see the dogs relaxing and taking naps near each other. Stella, I thought your Timmy was orange, just whose Timmy are you playing with?

  4. Wow! I had some catching up to do on your Wild Kingdom. Very cool!

    I have always loved matchstick and bamboo blinds. They filter the light so nicely.

  5. I'm not sure how to tell you...but, you're missing a Jack Russell!!!! You'd better watch out! Your garden is a delight...congratulations!

  6. LOL! well, yes, actually I'm missing 3 JR's in that pic. Because of cool temps this summer overall, the flower garden is truly having a lot of bloom time.

    LOTL! SO good to hear from you. Yep, where is Marlin Perkins when you need him?

    Martha, I have a few beautiful stained glass works made by a dear friend. That little fox one was one I designed. Now the scoop on Timmy-fraternal quadruplets, and they are all inept and require daily attention.

    Peg, Those turkeys have a circuit around the acreage. They love to get to the horse paddock early morning to peck up chafe from the overnight hay. If you lived closer that would be a great trade. Heck if we lived closer to each other I'd help you regardless with those pants. :-)

    Coco- I'm loving that blind. Nicely made too. The turkey tribe is wonderfully large this year and they pick ticks and other bugs all over the place. Yesterday some of the youngsters were up on the deck investigating some dropped seed from the bird feeder.

  7. That looks like a peaceful place to weave and you have a handy table set up to hold all of your supplies. Nice choice on the blind, it filters the light and yet lets some in. Your garden sounds wonderful and this time of year it's so nice to enjoy the results of your gardening time.

  8. Judy, that little Heywood-Wakefield table has been in and out of rotation. I wish I could find more pieces. I adore the blonde maple wood. No deer in the garden yet....