Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Lost in the Rain Wilds

Some of you who read scifi and fantasy may know exactly where I have been hanging out when I turn my Kindle on. For the rest of you, I have been on a steady diet of Robin Hobb books and they are wonderful! Long, detailed and on the whole, very satisfying reads if you like that genre. The characters are so real and fleshed out. When I read them, it is literally like I am right there, sharing the sights, sounds and smells of the world that has been created. I've always been a serial reader and I'm about mid-way through all the different trilogies.

When I wander out from Rain Wilds the only other book on the end table is "A Rage for Order: The Middle East in Turmoil, from Tahrir to Isis" by Robert Worth.  A very readable book
for those who, like me, want and need a better understanding of the Middle East and the Arab world.
This is not a dull dry tome of a book, so don't be afraid of the heavy subject matter.

A little activity up in the sewing salon. A simple tee done in the fun hedgehog fabric, complete with bright orange inseam pockets.

 The last two of the Kiota sleeveless tops have been completed. A light teal blue one and a bright orange linen one.

I'm getting low on my cut patterns. I think I just have a pair of pants waiting to be put together.  This weekend I'll likely pull patterns and fabrics and go to town on the cutting table. Fall is in the air and I want some tunics with collars.

Some progress in the weaving studio. The towel warp is being threaded in drips and drabs.

 I've moved onto my Slytherin towel on the Louet Spring.  She really needs a name you know.

I may throw another green in there to spruce it up. Hmm, that might be a very bad pun.

The peach canning has finished up (maybe) with a nice batch of Peach-Jalapeno Jam. I think it's my very favorite so far.

 Of course pears are on the horizon and then some apple recipes. I would love to do up some of those spiced apple rings.

Out in our little wild place, we are down to one visiting turkey. I have no idea if the flock has dispersed or been predated. Last week a grey fox was found dead in our driveway. A young looking male, he was thin but his coat was in nice shape, no signs of injury, vomit or diarrhea. Visual inspection only.  I was able to scoop him onto a shovel and took him off the driveway and into the woods. Two days later he had been carried off. Needless to say we are keeping an even closer eye on our local wildlife.

Parting shot: Jack, lulled by the steady beat of weaving.


  1. Do you grow all that fruit & other items you use for your canning or buy it? I haven't canned a single thing this year, or put up anything other than 1 pint of peas, but I'm sure enjoying eating lots of fresh, local food, both what I've grown and my CSA share.

  2. Haven't read Robin Hobbs, though I love sci-fi. But outer space kind, dragons not so much.

    But - the other book, on the Middle East. That I might pick up. Right now I'm reading 'The Good Spy' by Kai Bird, bio of Robert Ames. Fascinating. Worth gets a mention or two in Bird's book, and this sounds like a good follow-up. Thks!

  3. Thanks for the Worth reference. I'll add it to my list. I usually have fiction & non fiction alternating. I just finished Grit, which was an interesting read.

    As for the Spring, how about Hope, if not too cliche?

  4. Diane, The book is very good and not too long although quite detailed in its specific time frame.

    Coco, Oh, I go to the fantasy side all the way, magic, dragons, unicorns, mice as protagonists. You name it!

    Peg, The Jalapeño we grew, but this is the first year we are even attempting a garden. We do have fantastic grower's markets all week and that is usually were I get my supplies for canning. The peaches this year are incredibly good as were the strawberries.

  5. Oh my goodness! I love sci-fi and sci-fantasy. I haven't read the Rain Wilds and am about to head to the library, where I see they have a copy of vol. 1, and pick it up! Is it possible to get a recipe of the peach jalepeno jam? It sounds delish. Yes, I am back and yours was the first blog I stopped to catch up with! -Renee

  6. I'll have to take a look at the Hobb books....droughtlander season is wearing thin!!! Those towels are looking great.

  7. Renee, good to hear from you! Hope you are having fun catching up with all your blogs. Here is the recipe:

    Process for 10 minutes, I left a 1/4" headspace.

    LA, They are great fun. I liked the Liveship series best, although the dragon series is pretty good too. I am reading these things so far out of order.

  8. I know some bobbin lacers that might fight you for that hedgehog top!

  9. Wonderful new tops you are working on right now. Jack looks so comfortable in his little sleeping area.

  10. Cindie, That's right, the hedgehog is the mascot! Contact me and I'll figure out where I got the fabric if you want to get some. It's Very nice fabric.

    Martha, all those light sleeveless tops become a next to the skin first layer in winter. They get a lot of use. Jack is a happy boy although he has had some soft tissue problems on his left shoulder recently.

  11. Wow, you've been busy! I love the jam that you've been making. There's nothing like homemade jam for taste and it's fun to hear of the unique types that people like to make. Lovely towel on your loom and thanks for mentioning your favorite author. I'm always searching for a new series of books to read :-)