Wednesday, July 6, 2016


It's never just paint and be done with it. Painting is the one project here that usually begets others. This time it was the repurposing of a tall shelf Gene built a number of years ago. It had to come down to paint behind it and I wanted to use in a different way and place. Gene cut it down for me and remounted my new set of three shelves over the big yarn buffet.

 The rug that I wove years ago went up where the shelf had been.

The room is pretty much together although I would like to redo the bookshelves, that is a project for another time.

 After having not one but two curtain options for the big window, I decided to do a bamboo roman shade.  That allows me to cut down on sun or glare but still have an unobstructed breeze if there should be one. It's on order and hopefully will be here next week. Amazon is wonderful resource. I can remember when it was really just books, not too long ago......

Saturday I got out the canner and the small batch canning book and made up two recipes. They were small enough that I could cook them at the same time (with a little ingredient preplanning, prep and two pans of course!),  and since their time in the canner was the same we did that together too.

Raspberry Habanero Jam and Blueberry Ginger Jam. These batches are small. I got a little less than 3 half pints from each dry quart of fruit. Perfect for us. Some to use right away in the fridge, one for the pantry and one to give away. The almost half pint of the blueberry that wasn't enough to go into the canner went into a homemade cake as the center filling. The top frosting was a lemon buttercream, light and a little tangy. The cake was made for the folks visit on the 4th. It was gone yesterday. I might have to make some more of that blueberry ginger for sure. And cake!

 The last of the cut out linen pants. These in a true beet red.

The real star of  creative time has been weaving on the deck. Our weather has been lovely. Hard to believe it is July. This three shaft weave is a lot of fun even if it is a two shuttle color and weave.

The hummers have been over quite a few times to check us out. Buzzing at my ear or hovering over the loom. Such daring little birds. The view is nice too.

 The Japanese Eggplants are blooming

 and this little fellow is spotted quite often around the garden.

 I think he lives in it.

These two are not dare devils, they are beggars, hoping the cute factor sways Gene to share a bit of whatever he is noshing on.

 Obviously they must be successful at least some of the time. ;-)

Parting shots: Sunspots.


Cindie said...

Fun that you're branching out in the canning department. We picked 18 pounds of blueberries yesterday morning before leaving the coast so today I'll be making blueberry jam. Will be freezing lots for future blueberry recipes.

Anonymous said...

Love the way you have set up your weaving space, the rug on the wall is perfect. Marigold and Jack are enjoying the quiet sun spots - very cozy those two.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Rug on the wall is wonderful and big!
I've always loved to can but don't have time this year for it.
Hopefully I will at least get corn into the freezer.
Don't you envy pets who can just sleep the day away, following sun spots and waking long enough for possible treats!

LA said...

That's the way it usually happens...start on one part of the room, and before you know it, the whole house gets a re-do!!! How did you even have time to sew those adorable pants?

Peg Cherre said...

I LOVE those beet red pants! I AM going to re-do my pants. Maybe later this month.

Theresa said...

Peg, The pattern is the Tina Given's Phoebe pant. I've raised the crotch about 2 inches and lengthened the leg. Easy adjustments.

LA, Pants are pretty quick and these especially so.

Louise, I think that was my last rug, ever. Not my favorite thing to weave. Not only do I envy the dang dogs, but when terriers do go down for a nap, it's magical and QUIET!.

Martha, The studio suits. I'm pleased with its combo of practicality and pretty. The step stool tusk under the buffet, the ladder close by too for the high stuff.

Cindie, You are a master with the canner and an oven. Have fun with those 18lbs blueberries!

Coco said...

I just love the rug you wove - wonderful.