Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

Keep those looms a rollin', Rawhide! Talk about a persistent ear worm! :-)

But looms were on the move. While I love the view that the front guest room provides, I often feel removed from the action while I weave. Guest rooms are off limits for those with 4 legs and no one rests easy in there. Plus, it gets hot as heck in there in the summer by late afternoon. I really want to weave this lovely cottolin towel warp off. There was only one way to remedy this situation. Move this Scandinavian beauty into the master.

 Now Jack had to give up some of long lounging bench, but I was able to keep a cozy spot just for him and shoe storage underneath just for me. Actually I really love this loom in there and can see a future in this. The bonus of course, was getting to weave on this awesome loom and still be surrounded by my peeps. Here is the towel in progress, the second one since the move, which means more weaving than I've done on this loom since it's arrival. Yeah!!

I needed to raise the height on the bench. It made it more comfortable for me and I sat weaving happily for over an hour and half. Breaks for coffee and pirn winding.

All I have to offer as far as sewing is the in process linen robe.

 The sleeves are almost ready to go on, only the darts to do.

On the little Wolf Pup the mat weaving continues. This one is summer citrus colors: lime green, bright orange and lemon yellow.

 I might add a raspberry at some point in this warp. We'll see. The colors are all Louet linen. The white, hemp.

Saturday morning I met up with good friend Cindie and we did the Growers Market there in Grants Pass. A tidy affair with a number of vendors that don't come down to Medford. I couldn't resist this crow and roses bowl on sale.

 Some tasty Chèvre and Feta made it into my basket too. We wandered over to the Kitchen Store afterward and this set of bowls spoke to me. Buy Us, buy us.....

Now don't those colors look familiar?!

We also stopped in at the museum to see the traveling quilt show Concrete and Grasslands. If you are in the area and love textile art, I highly recommend taking a peek. The caliber of quilts is amazing.

3D bird-Best to bigify to see well.
I haven't seen such breathtaking art quilts since my last visit to the International Quilt Show in Houston TX many years ago.

We parted before lunch. I had a screen door to pick up at the GP Home Depot and a longish drive home. Gene was gone for most of the day giving talks on the 2014 Beaver Creek wildfire to college students on a field trip to the area. The kids were home alone. 'Nuff said!

Parting shot: We waited here all day for you, just like this....really!


  1. I always find where people weave interesting. Even if it were big enough, I would not like a loom in my bedroom - that room is for sleeping. Period. I did like it in my old home where the looms were in a sort of extension to the living room. I also like it now when I have an actual weaving studio, but if I didn't live alone I'd likely be more happy with my looms being more integrated into the home.

    I'm sure your boys sat right there while you were gone. ;-)

  2. Love the loom in your bedroom, the light is nice and Jack has a sleeping big enough to share with the rest of the crew. Your new crow and roses bowl is wonderful, had I seen it for sale it would have called to me too. I see that you are selling your Gem II - I bet it sells quickly.

  3. so busy - and I just love your pups, such characters...

  4. I think they just released a movie about pets at home...... LOVE those nesting bowls! They would work so well with my Fiesta dishes.

  5. LA- They did and then the critics panned it. The Secret Life of Pets and I'm still going to go see it.
    The bowls are melamine Rosti Mepol is the brand. Love the depth, spouts and handy little handle.

    Coco- Oh yes, characters and that is an understatement...

    Martha- Jack is not known for his sharing gene, but he will if he has too. The bowl is perfect for holding a puddle of yarn or some candy. I just love unusual bowls.

    Peg- And I love being in the master bedroom doing things. My sewing salon is the walk in master closet so I'm up there most mornings, adding the big loom to weave at while I listen to my morning sports talk is a treat. Years ago I lived in a big studio. Everything was there and I loved it. The master sort of works like that did.

  6. Always interesting and lovely work that you do. Those bowls.. especially the crow one, were a great find. And as always, I love how you end your posts with the critters. :)

  7. I laughed at your loom in the bedroom. A friend who is just starting to weave bought the Flip RH loom because she said she didn't have room in her house for a floor loom. That just means she hasn't been bitten by the weaving bug yet because when that happens, every space in the house is fair game for a loom!! :)