Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Lost Wright Brother

Some of you may know that my DH has a foolish side. He loves to paraglide and a few years ago he bought a motorized set-up. Myself, I can't think of anything dumber than driving up to a mountain and  jumping off, but fair is fair and no one said having horses was safe or inexpensive either. Over the winter Gene has been working on building a trike for his paramotor.

 This week he did a spin around the driveway with it.

 I pointed out that maybe he should trade the whole rat trap in for a nice four wheeler. Can you hear the crickets? Anyway, my husband is looking forward to driving off a cliff (with the wing attached...I hope!), sometime this summer. Good grief!

In quieter pursuits with likely safer equipment, a few makes came out of the sewing closet. All summer weight items even though we had periods of wet snow last weekend.

A pair of lightweight natural linen pants,

 a tunic with a nifty modified neckline in handkerchief linen. I did this with an upper curved bodice like the cream and yellow one shown in the last post.

The silver lavender color is so pretty. Not my usual color range but a nice addition that works well with some of the neutrals nicely. The little fabric scrap of a French Bulldog was sent with one of my fabric orders from Etsy as a sample.

Too cute not to use.

 Lastly a lime green tank in a cotton voile from the sale days.

A second one in a deep salmon color was also made. I cut them at the same time. These will serve for all four seasons. I need to make one in white and black too.

Spike went in yesterday to have his teeth cleaned. He lost two small ones and had a little growth removed by one of them. Likely nothing but we're having it checked out anyway. He was a bit groggy last night,

 but is back to his usual self this morning.  He has pain meds to get him through the next two days in comfort.

Two beautiful books have been added to the library. The first one my Dad gave me. What beautiful sketches, paintings and text! Such a treat.

These pictures don't come anywhere near doing this book justice. The stock it is printed on is rich and lovely too.

The second addition is a weaving book. I like to add to the weaving library as I can.

The books go out of print so quickly most times and then become too expensive to add. I am enjoying the crackle warp on the wolf pup and would like to do more. This book will certainly help me have a better understanding of the structure itself.

Market day tomorrow and that means more fresh strawberries. YUM!

Parting shot: Afternoon naps. It's a good thing.


  1. Poor Spike, nobody likes going to the dentist. Hope he is feeling on top of the dog world again. Love the new silver lavender top with the French bulldog - the color of the linen is just beautiful. Ah, afternoon naps how perfect is that picture.

  2. Those nappers look so peaceful and happy. :-)

  3. SQUEEEE! You got Julie's new book!!!

  4. I admit that I wouldn't have thought that hubby was into paragliding...but, that new contraption should do the trick! I think afternoon naps are the best, too!!!

  5. I saw your comment on Michelle's blog, and thought I'd check in. Tang has moved to Reno - I wasn't making time to ride, having become obsessed with making cheese. She's at The Center for Adaptive Riding, run by a friend of mine. She's making human and equine friends, and they love her.

    I have 4 goats (the little one in the pictures was returned to her breeder because she was defective...), one in milk. This is a new experience for me, but I'm really enjoying it.

    The cheese thing is taking over... I have 2 cheese caves (a LARGE wine fridge and a mini-fridge) - the mini-fridge has an external temperature controller, so I can make holey cheese or blues without infecting the big cave.

    I concur - jumping off a mountain is maladaptive behavior...

    I took a crackle class from Susan - awesome teacher, and even though I thought I didn't like crackle, I learned a ton, and had to admit there are some things that it's really good for.

    Still have my Murphy loom, but it's buried under felt and roving. It's on the list to unearth it!!

  6. Laura, SO good to hear from you. Cheese making no doubt is both time consuming and satisfying. Send pics when you unearth him. I miss mine.

    LA, It certainly is a contraption and hopefully the numerous modification will keep him on the ground most of the summer at least as far as that is concerned. He has a non-motorized wing also. Sigh.....

    Michelle, I take it you know Julie? If so tell her the book is wonderful.

    Peg, those peaceful nappers are storing up energy to start bugging me for dinner around 2:15pm. They wake up hungry!

    Martha, Spike is feeling much better, back on high alert squirrel duty. That silver lavender color was a surprise, so pretty and in certain lights almost reads more silver than purple.

    1. I just follow Julie's blog and love it, and know that she supports herself (and pays a lot of recent dental bills) with her work, so I'm thrilled for her and you!

  7. I took the Crackle class with Laura and last night pulled out my Susan Wilson book to refresh myself because I want to use that structure in my next block weave sampler for our study group.

    Also yesterday I went through your email that I saved with Indie pattern companies - also went back to Maggie's blog to see what pattern she used. I had started an ill-conceived sewing project that I've abandoned, and once I find a pattern, I'm ready to get my sewing mojo back on.