Thursday, June 2, 2016

Out My Front Door

At 5:00 a.m. the birds are already up and chirping away so along with a cat escort and soft nickers from the horses my morning route is filled with some of the most beautiful music Mother Nature can provide. I have been known to dawdle out there in the early dawn.

You'll have to enlarge for a bit of detail.
 Most mornings I shoo the raccoon along her way home, or the fox has doubled back in hopes of a second handout. It is my favorite time.  No matter what happens, I have at least had these few moments of wonder and grounding to start my day.

The garden is shaping up. It has been a slow start with the cool temps and lack of sunny days for a good portion of May.

Takilma Gold
The shade area is looking lush.

 On the other side of it all, some of the new rhodies that have been planted.

This tree is a test one. A Chinese Pistachio.

 It is a hot, dry disturbed area with poor soil. We've amended the soil a bit but this tree is supposed to be tough doing duty as an urban tree in sidewalks and such. This year we'll give it plenty of water and love to settle it in and then it's on it's own.

After being completely defoliated by deer last summer, this Bloodgood Maple has come back beautifully.

Scented geraniums

Raised Bed garden. We've been enjoying the lettuces and there are only a few left, but just as well, the hot summer weather has arrived. The tomato plants are finally looking to flower.

Little annual carnations I think. They smell delicious. Pungent and spicy.

This is one of three bird baths.

 It is on the deck with the solar water bubbler. The Evening Grosbeaks love the running water and flock to it in the afternoon. What a loud little tribe they are. Calling and squabbling among the trees. Taking over feeders and watering holes. Mixed in we see a few Black Headed Grosbeaks but they are completely outnumbered by the evening variety.

Parting shots: The Summer Cuts. Just in time too!
I had Smoochie professionally done. No need to suffer the heartbreak of a home haircut this year!
Marigold, almost lab like!


  1. I love all the photos, from dawn to gardens to dogs. I gave Jack another home haircut. Certainly not beautiful but better than last time, and I think Jack likes it short. Marigold looks great!

  2. Doesn't Smoochie look nice!!! A good haircut can make all the difference to the way we feel. Your garden is going so well...isn't it nice to just go out and pick fresh produce.

  3. Ah, early morning is a gentle and peaceful time of day. I too enjoy listening to Mother Nature's music and letting it wash over me while I do a few chores. Your gardens are doing so well, they look lovely and lush. Summer haircuts are the best!

  4. What a wonderful way to start your day! I love early mornings too, and it's so peaceful listening to the birds and other natural sounds. I love your flowers and gardening, everything is looking good. I think we have some hot weather coming....

  5. What a beautiful yard, filled with love and care. Thanks for the tour.

  6. Mary, I'm hoping the rhodies do well. Fingers crossed.

    Judy, Hot weather is here. Heat advisories all over the place. We'll be sending it inland soon.

    Martha, I think everyone loves their summer do and we really were just in time with them.

    LA, It IS nice to go out and grab a veggie fesh from the dirt!

    Peg, Marigold has such a heavy thick coat ( and sheds like crazy...) I'm betting it was a relief to be rid of it. I'm happy with the garden this year. It was a good call to pull the woody lavender.

  7. Ah Theresa, I have just finished a long hard task that has consumed many days and hours of my time. I thought I would pop on to blogger to get a little blog reading in, something I haven't done in a very long time. I looked for your blog to catch up on what you have been up to and found exactly the kind of post that I needed at the moment! I am tired, hot, and sticky and reading your post brought the soothing cool dawn and glimpses of nature. Perfect! And thank you.

  8. I love seeing your plants and gardens and summer cuts. :) And I envy that lettuce. It's way too hot here now for that.

  9. Leigh, we have more lettuce started right now too.
    The dogs have been enjoying the summer cuts, although the real heat hasn't hit in any sustained way. Soon no doubt.