Thursday, June 9, 2016

In the Summertime

Last week we crossed the temperature divide from spring to full blown summer. Days went from mid 70's/ low 80's with cool nights to 90F up here (and triple digits in the valley), and steamy uncomfortable nights in the low 60's. Hello Summertime! Maybe a little Mungo Jerry since the weather is fine. ;-)

Both cats, Barn and Basement could be found lounging in the heat.

Barn cat

Basement cat
Of course some of the terriers were very excited to spy Juno in her resting spot top right in pic.

Stupid dogs barking at Basement cat
 She was oblivious to the excitement she generated.

The garden was happy with the addition of a deep watering. Our Paperbark Maple has grown over 2 feet this past year and the trunk has thickened substantially.

The normal winter water wise made all the difference for it.

There has been a lot of action in the sewing closet. Two weeks work of summer makes in light cottons. This Merchant and Mills pattern is actually in Brussell's Washer (linen and rayon) with a cotton bib yoke.

 These fabrics were both "clear the bolt" fabrics and not enough of either to do this tunic but together they worked. And I do love those almost neon brights. On a dreary day they certainly perk things up.

I tried the Esme tunic with cap sleeves.

 The version with sleeves is still my favorite but this pretty cotton tunic will gets lots of wear this summer. I don't have a lot of dark tops.

Double gauze fabric in a nice crossover tee.

And lastly two very lightweight cotton pants.

  I've gone through just about all from my stash of cut out patterns. I have a fair amount of linen scraps, large pieces and I would like to make a few more of the crop topped jackets. I also ordered some yardage of heavy weight linen for a bathrobe. I just haven't decided on the lining.

The warp on Fiona is almost done.

 I am 1/3 the way through a runner which will finish off this warp. This pic is actually from the first runner. I've changed the colors up for the last one. Next post!

Temps are in a cooling trend.  It could get cold enough this weekend to snow in the high Cascades. I've seen some reports of snow as low as 5000ft. We've had snow here as late as June 14th. It certainly doesn't last though.

Parting shot: Mother Nature is a master of subtle beauty in color and texture.


  1. Those sideburns on Mungo Jerry are something, aren't they?!

    Your parting shot is indeed beautiful!

  2. Correction - not sideburns, mutton chops

  3. I have a tough time finding tops I like anymore. Wish I had your ability and inclination to just sew my own!

  4. Love all your makes. Especially love the color of the tunic made in Brussels washer. I saw some that color (with coordinating cotton jersey) at Twill Fabrics in NH today. I was sorely tempted. Such a cheerful color.

  5. Busy busy - you amaze me. And I so enjoy all your posts...

  6. Did you put a little eyeshadow on that sweet pup??? LOL....just love that picture! It's hard to believe that you go from a heat wave to snow in the mountains! What a wonderful place to live.

  7. LA, that's all his own. The sweet eye is Robin's. Yep, hard to believe we can have such vast temp. swings and as long as we don't have any ties it is a wonderful place.

    Coco, Thank you!

    Martha, Lucky you in NH right now. Hope you are grabbing a little New England seafood. I love that bright green/yellow color. Not my best to wear, but so what.

    Michelle, And I'm always amazed at how much you do. I live in awe of your growing, canning and putting up process. The clothes these days though are crap. So poorly made and such inferior fabrics.

    Peg, LOL, yep that was certainly the era of interesting facial hair! I can remember singing to that song on the radio when it came out. I was just hitting my early teens. So long ago!

  8. Lovely sewing projects, perfect for warm summer wear. Love the last shot, beautiful and thoughtful pup.

  9. I like your summer sewing projects, especially the Esme tunic. Linen feels so nice to wear when the temperatures go up. Your maple tree is looking quite happy! Stay cool, it's been really hot here in Boise. Yuck.

  10. I'll bet there is quite a racket of barking at your house between cats and raccoons and squirrels they have no down time.
    I thought I was the only one fascinated by dog and cat fur combinations. And eyeliner, I am a sucker for a pet with eyeliner.

  11. Mary, Thank you! I'm pretty happy with my sewing this summer.

    LOTL, How are YOU?? Good to see you stop by. And no, we do not have a quiet household, but everyone tucks in nicely at bedtime. The eyeliner makes all the difference.

    Judy, Yep, linen is such a great hot weather fabric. Hopefully, we've sent some of cooler air along to you. We've been downright cold now for June. Not complaining one bit!

    Martha, And no doubt the heat will be back. I guess I needed to document that one thoughtful moment. ;-) Terriers are not introverts!