Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Under the Big Top

While I am not a circus goer, I do love a bright happy quilt. This little gem was for sale at the quilt show and depicts what I suspect is every little kids idea of the circus. Myself at a young age included.
The reality of course is much different, but that's a topic for another time. It is simply quilted although someone took the time to quilt the different areas in different ways.

I was smitten with it and it was at a very nice price.

The quilt show itself was nicely done. Many beautiful quilts. I got there early on Saturday and the place was hopping a half hour in. I snapped a few pics here and there. I got no maker information as these were just pics on the fly. Enjoy.

Bright orange Phoebe pants came out of the sewing room this past weekend. These are done in a smooth summer weight linen.

I wore them yesterday when I took my Mom to the movies. We couldn't remember the last time we had been to a movie together. I know the last movie I remember seeing at a theater was Hidalgo. So our pick yesterday was The Jungle Book and we thoroughly enjoyed it! Worlds better than the completely animated version I saw as a child.  Highly recommended for kids of all ages from 10 to 100.

I had close to 6 yards of heavy white linen left over from making the reversible coverlet and decided to use it up as a summer weight coverlet. A single layer with a deep willow green linen binding all the way around.

 It was a bugger. Doing anything king sized is, but it's done and ready for use the moment the real heat hits.

The garden did get a decent clean out last Friday. I yanked woody lavender, weeded down clover, pulled a few other things that didn't come up and planted in Black and Bloom Salvia and a couple of Hot Lips Salvia. Some red lambs ear went in too. New variety that looks nothing like the traditional fuzzy lambs ear, but I'm told the hummers love it.

After all, this garden is really done to cater to my favorite little birds anyway.

This is what the carnage looked like in process.

 We need to get our deer deterrents out. I planted 3 rhododendrons in different areas around the property. So far no deer damage. I hope they make it as I have no problem dressing up the woodland boundaries with them.

Oh and a half whiskey barrel was planted with some herbs and two cherry tomato plants Gene brought home.

The planting may be just about done, but the tending is just beginning!

Parting shot: Jail time.

Really, it is just feeding time. Everyone eats in their own crate undisturbed by a quicker eating friend.


  1. Some of those quilts are lovely.. pieces of art. Clearly your creatures are content to cuddle on your cleverly creative coverlet (how's that for alliteration?)! I'm amused that the critters go to their crates for mealtime. That's a good idea. I used to have to feed one of my cats in the bathroom so the other wouldn't steal it out from under him. Then when Benny came on the scene, I would have to stand guard over him to allow my cats to finish. One glance away and he was already burping.

  2. The circus quilt really does tug at the heart. Nice you were able to take it home. And the linen - it just feels so good when the humidity hits.

    OK, I love orange. Love it! so the pants are great. And match the quilt.

    I always wondered how you could feed the pack. Cats and dogs are so opportunistic at meal time. I swear that one of my daughter's two cats is skinny, the other fat, because the skinny one is so non-confrontational.

    I love the Jungle Book. Even bought a new copy a couple years ago just because I like having Kipling in my library. Nice you and your Mom could go to a movie together. Hope she continues to mend well.

  3. I LOVE the leaf quilt. Beautifully done! And yeah, I'll take a pair of the orange pants, too, please. ;-)

  4. Peg, that leaf quilt was something else. There were two similar, but this one was by far the prettiest. There might be enough of that orange linen for a little crop top jacket or vest.....

    Coco, I've always believed everyone should have their own food bowl and a safe place to eat it undisturbed. We have a bank of crates under a counter in our laundry room. This has always worked for us. They are good about the communal water bowl. Toys must be all alike and there should be extras. Just the bear necessities!

    Hilary, Quilting is an art form. Painting with fabric and thread. Amazing things aren't they!
    And critters clearly covet coverings and coverlets of any kind or color! ;->

  5. I adore the King Arthur Quilt, the time to sew and create it must have been long indeed. I am getting in the orange pants line, may I please have a pair, too, please ;-)

  6. Great way to use your linen yardage!!! It will be hot weather before we know it! I love the crate dining idea....I used to use 3 corners of the room to separate the terriers!!!

  7. LA- I'm feeling as long as I keep doing "summer" sewing the weather will be cold. We have SNOW in the forecast tonight and tomorrow.

    That quilt was a masters thesis about the time of William the Conquerer I think, maybe a bit later. 1300's? I love my orange pants, after all it IS the new black.....;-)

  8. This non-quilter is astounded at the Crusades quilt...what a subject! Love the shots of mealtime :-)

    Theresa, your horse was naughty and full of himself today, but he and I are still friends.

  9. Spring as sprung! It seems that quilts and quilting shows are big in Oregon. I think I'll stick to looking. I'm really enjoying a yard that draws pollinators though work will have to wait until after the rain - not complaining :)

  10. "Jail time" LOL. I do get it about needing to separate everybody for feeding though. If you don't, it like a three ring circus!

    Love the quilts. Makes me think I should get back to quilting and hand sewing, which I used to love. I have fabric for a bedspread, but after finding the cats sleeping on it realized it was a cat fur magnet. That discovery rather dampened my enthusiasm for the project.