Friday, May 6, 2016

Really Raised Beds!

Gene and I have gone round and round on a veggie garden for years. We have such nice produce available to us the cost of installing a deer proof garden was hardly worth it. I don't can. I don't need a dearth of fruits or veggies and my time is limited that could be devoted to it. Then I saw a planter in a catalogue. It solved a number of issues. Not too big, easy to maintain, deer proof since it would be on the deck and easy to put together.

 Gene built a similar one in an afternoon for about $50.00 including the heavy duty wheels. Our local Grange Co-Op actually has a planting mix for raised beds and Karen, who is a whiz with all things plant and animal, recommended a soil amendment they had been using in their test beds at the co-op. I bought some fun starts of veggie varieties we don't often see at the market and come Saturday I will plant them all in.

Nothing earth shattering here, stuff we like. Tomatoes, some different pepper plants, eggplant, squash, Bibb lettuce, beets, cucumber and shell peas from seed. We also have a half whisky barrel that was given to us. Gene put that on wheels too.

Suffice to say I have not yet gotten into the flower garden for the spring clean-up and weeding but I have to get to it soon. Sunday is slated for the work to commence assuming the weather is suitable. We have had cool, cloudy and drippy days and that's all good. The longer we hold our damp weather into late spring, the better. The fire in Alberta Canada has us all aware our fire season is just around the corner and prayers go out to all involved.

On one of the nice days recently, we got Charlotte's prayer flag hung.

 It was time to send those heartfelt prayers wherever the winds take them.

Charlotte will always stay in my heart.

The wolf pup has her warp on. It has been threaded and there is one inch still to sley before tying up and making ready to weave.

Some fun makes in the sewing salon. Two very quick Kiomi tops, one in double gauze

the other in a silly fun print I saw on sale.

I am still loving the Esme tunic and grabbed my prized Badger Colony fabric since this has now become the 2016 go to for tunics.

 Some Phoebe linen pants in a deep brown called Teak.

 I had a yard left of the fabric and it is wide, so I tried a cropped version of Tina Given's Peplone Jacket.

 I like it and it is a nice way to use up some leftovers. Done in a warmer fabric it could be a sweet bed jacket for winter or maybe some handwoven fabric?

Parting shots: Sleeping beauties. I giess my sewing is just as Zen-like for them as weaving. :-)


  1. Such happy pups! Great idea on the deck planters, too.

  2. Love those deck planters, how neat that you can move them around if needed. Wonderful to see that Charlotte's prayer flag is out and flying. I put the prayer flag you made for our Sam out about a week ago and every time I see it or hear it's bells I smile. Thank you again for the flag it means so much to us. Nice to see all the dogs are enjoying a nice rest while you sew - the picture of Smoochie with the little pink tongue sticking out is wonderful. Pets for the crew.

  3. What a lovely setting for Charlotte's flag...she was such a sweet pup. We'll need lots of updates on your raised garden as the season progresses!!!

  4. LA- I'll do my best. There is always the possibility the whole experiment is a failure. I miss Charlotte. Oh heck, I miss them all. Need to get another prayer flag on one of the looms. Some joyful prayers for a change. ;)

    Martha- Even full they still roll, but it is nice to have 2 because steering on those planters is terrible. Smoochie is our senior now and I noticed the other day, getting hard of hearing. Always a challenge with terriers. Are they ignoring you or going deaf?

    Michelle, They are happy dogs I think. I hope the deck planter works out. It fills a need so nicely an should provide some pretty greenery right there in the middle of everything.

  5. That's a great idea and I like the addition of the wheels! I'm with you, I'm not into canning and I don't want to spend hours processing a huge garden, but it's rewarding to go out and pick fresh lettuce and veggies :-) They taste so much better when they're from your own garden. That's a peaceful place for Charlotte's flag and every time you see it, you'll remember the good times spent with her.

  6. I, too, think your moveable raised bed, which will provide a moveable feast, is great. We'll see how my in-ground garden does relative to little critters.

    Pets to all the doggies.

  7. Good solution to the deer problem! We have our key lime tree on wheels too, so we can roll it into the garage when it might freeze (yes, it does get cold here in the winter).

  8. Mary, Lucky you, a lime tree! Yes, it does get cold. Didn't AZ just have a real cold snap last week?

    Peg, the real beauty is saving wear and tear on my back and knees. I'm not sure how the veggies will do but all in all a fun experiment so far.

    Judy, that flag and those wind chimes are in a pretty little spot to reflect in, surrounded by those gone ahead.