Friday, April 29, 2016

The Warming Station

You might have to "bigify" to see the hummer

Two things you don't typically see together, snow and hummingbirds. What little stuff was blooming around here certainly was covered up and nectar unavailable in the cold and wet.

 I put this feeder out with warm fresh sugar water right at the time they start to hit the feeders in the morning. The little male was on it almost immediately and didn't leave the area for hours. At noon I replaced it with another warm fresh one and again late in the afternoon to send them into the chill night with as much fortification as possible.

While it was snowing I found myself working on summer tops.

 If I had been sewing up wool jackets.  I'm betting Mother Nature would have brought the heat. ;-) This was a sweet border print I saw somewhere, a very smooth and light cotton.

I did spend some time sewing a jacket but this one in linen and using a heavily modified Tina Givens Peplone pattern.

The mid weight linen was on one of the daily sales at Fabrics Color "Oasis". You can store stuff at the sale price in your cart for about a week BTW, which is what I do since I would rather pay one shipping charge. In the same box I also got some yardage of a finer woven mid weight linen in color "Cascade" and went to work on a tunic.

 This using the Esme pattern from Lotta Jansdotter's book.

Oh and the color this spring is Neon Green!

And if skinny jeans in it are not enough, how about linen yarn?

I ordered a 12 dent reed for Fiona from the Websters and when I went into pick it up, I saw this. If you have the book "Favorite Scandinavian Projects to Weave" by Tina Ignell you'll know there is a towel pattern in there in white and bright spring green. Soon a similar warp will be on one of my looms. Maybe the Gem which came home last weekend.

Cindie and I spent a nice Saturday morning chatting and shopping. A few little treasures were procured. A tiny wheelbarrow for the Jacks

 and these sweet hangers took me for a ride on the way back machine.

At $3.00 for the two I could not resist.

For anyone who has been to downtown Ashland, you will know there are numerous tempting shops.
One of them is a couple of doors down from the Websters. I have to pass it to get to them. Treehouse Books always has a magical window display and this book caught my eye.

 I marched in and bought it. A beautiful addition to the fox collection.

I rarely find or buy much fox stuff but a beautiful book always grabs me.

Parting shot: Seems the rhythmic sound of weaving puts my helpers to sleep. Or maybe they were just bored? ;-)



  1. Your spring and summer wardrobe is full of gorgeous colors-and the wheelbarrow of jacks is just too cute. You have made a friend for life in the little hummer and I know he will return again and again.

  2. Brr...we too are having a very cool spring. Plant life is emerging very slowly.

    I remember those hangers for baby garments. My nieces & nephews are 10 years younger than me and I remember their baby gifts coming on those.

  3. What a great new summer wardrobe you have been creating, love the medium green tunic top. Those baby hangers are so darling. Non frozen hummingbirds are the best aren't they. Pets for all the helpers are your house.

  4. I think it's the comforting sound of Mum doing what she loves...just saying. Isn't spring weather a hoot??? Snow, rain, just never know!

  5. LA- Yep, spring isn't for sissy's around here.

    Martha- I think the hummers might be my favorites around here, so I am happy to provide.
    That cascade color is lovely, really a deep aquamarine color. Pets doled out for the helpful and the not so...

    Valerie, LOL, yes, I can remember my Grandmother saving those to use for saving some pretty outfits she had made when I was a baby. I believe they also came in a larger size.

    Mary, Thank you! I'm betting you have worked some great colors into things now that you are in sunny AZ. The pile of Jacks sits on the special dresser someone gave me. ;-)

  6. Thank you for caring for the hummers. I love that border print and the shirt you made with it. Would you care to share the pattern?

  7. Your kindness toward the hummies - just like your relationship with all animals - is wonderful.

    I'm sure it's the zen-like vibe of weaving that zones out the mutts.

  8. Peg, Thank you. I love animals.
    As to the zen of weaving, you might be right. And how goes things in your world? :-)

  9. Kim, It is the Kiome pattern (top/tunic or dress) out of Everyday Style by Lotta Jansdotter.

  10. Well, you got me again! I must have that jacket pattern! I don't need to search for patterns; you do it for me! I also bought some lime green yarn a few weeks ago, a luscious alpaca-silk. Hurray Spring!

  11. You're wonderful for being on top of the hummers' needs like that. That must be where you got your brilliant green inspiration. ;) Those hangers.. nostalgic!

  12. Sweet hummers...we don't have them here, I miss them sometimes.

    You are so busy! I really like your modified Peplone, nice.