Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Night Watch

I mentioned my last post that the resident raccoon visits regularly. Early Thursday morning these greeted me when I went out to feed the horses.

The fox comes early in the evening to get his eggs anywhere between first dark and midnight, my little bandit is an early morning visitor, usually between 4 and 5:30 in the morning. But both of them have been seen during my morning feeding duty.  Oh and it snowed all day Wednesday and most of Thursday.

My new little garden fox did not care, he was as Zen-like as ever.

Puts a smile on my face whenever I walk by him. That's about all I can do right now since the weather is so unpredictable. I lost all of my Salvia over the winter, the Black and Blue and the red ones. Some of the hummingbird mint and the milkweed didn't make it either. I love the salvias as do the hummers, so this year and going forward, we will plant it like an annual. If it makes it,  great, if not we'll replace it. The Takilma Gold Oregon Sunshine ( Yellow Daisy like flower) settled in well and has spread and the Pasque Flower is blooming after a year off. Go figure.

Fiona was cleared of her warp. Two fraternal twin placemats went up into the gift pile,

two stayed with us,

 two (no pics), were a total failure. I tried pineapple fiber and then, washed and dried it in the machine. Well, it might be a usable fiber for a hand wash dry flat only thing. I had to know so it was fine. And of course the pretty birch bark runner.

I love this thing. It is now gracing my parents table and looks very mid century modern. A nice touch for their dining set-up.

I am preparing the warp for the hemp bath towels and have made a high level decision. I am not going to tie up Nick with a 4 shaft project for 3 additional inches. I measured my bath towels and they are about 26-28". Nora is 32 inches and I am using a simple spot weave instead of a waffle weave, so onto Nora this will go and leave Nick free for something else. Maybe sheep towels (would the softball cottons make them more sheepie I wonder?), or more pillowcases. I do love those pillowcases and Lunatic Fringe has some affordable naturally colored  cotton......

I finished the second Roza top with side seam pockets.


 I'm not wild about them and I think for this style the patch pocket might be better. The side ones add to the volume.

This was made in a Brussels Washer and I have retired my favorite bathrobe since it is falling apart. I am saving those big wonderful mushrooms for touches here and there.

Another pair of Phoebe pants. Denim blue linen. Heaven.

These have just a touch of  pocket whimsy
(And that stray thread got snipped after the pics!)
 and instead of gathering the bottoms I did a large soft pleat.

 While this has been my pant pattern of choice for the linen lately, I do have a skinny jean cut out in BRIGHT lime green stretch denim waiting to be sewn. The denim was purchased at Girl Charlee. They had a neon orange too, but it was sold out. Dang!

Parting shot: Oh yes, privileged Prince Barks-a-Lot (Robin), is terribly spoiled. And clean!


  1. I've loved that birch bark cloth since you showed us the first glimpse! Bravo!

  2. Love your little critters. And those Phoebe pants! I just remembered that I have the pattern, along with the top. Don't know where my head's been lately...

  3. A dusting of snow??? Oh, my! Spring is so fickle! The birch bark runner turned out splendid! I know your parents are enjoying it.

  4. First things first...that top photo! When I opened the blog my eyes immediately thought it was one of your weavings. It could be a wonderful inspiration for some inlay, don't you think? The vertical stripes, those tiny nail spots, and then the inlaid footprints. Do it, Theresa! current weaving with cotton & linen is making me want to weave myself some yardage for pants. Where will I find your pants pattern?

  5. Peg, Hmmmmmm, you DO have me thinking. How well could I inlay those amazing paws though. Raccoons I think have some of the most elegant little feet. The Pup is free.......
    Now to the pants. Tina Givens Phoebe pant, comes with a top too but beware, these patterns are not well drafted. The pants have a side panel and are oversized. Comfy, but don' hesitate to raise the crotch and lower the waist. Once you get it your way though, they are cute and comfortable and perfect wearing for summer with long loose tunics.

    LA, Oh yes, just a dusting. ;-)

    Coco, I love my critters too. I'm warming to the Raccoon these days, a little.

    Michelle, It's something I want to revisit, so I'll keep you in mind when I do another warp for them. Did you get your new helmet yet?

    1. Not yet, so yesterday I used Brian's; we wear the same size.

  6. Hmmmm....don't know that I'm up for all that pattern modification. Guess I'll look for one that suits me better.

    As for the prints inlay...don't try to make them look just like the animals'. Just give the impression of them. Like your birch bark runner - it gives the impression of birch bark. Think the impressionism school of paintings, not the realism/representational school. :-)

  7. I love how the birch runner turned out-well done!! Sorry about your plants not making it over the winter. Snow?? Wow, it seems rather late in the year for that, but it probably won't last very long. Enjoy your weaving!

  8. Peg, I am working it all out in my head and of course, another birch bark runner and mats is in my future.

    Judy, Thank you! We always knew the salvia's are considered tender perennials up here. It was more surprising they made it through the last couple of year. Yep snow, we've seen it as late as June 14th.