Thursday, April 21, 2016


Just about a year ago I sent a request off to Trotting Jack Press in the UK about some small printed stuffed dogs. The seller had been dormant for a while but if you never ask, you'll never know, will you? I never got a reply back, that is until the end of March of this year and yes, there was a set of the minis just waiting for a new home, was I still interested? Hell yeah!

 Early this week the little gems arrived and I think you'll agree, these are so special they were worth the wait.

Spring is a fickle season here. Snow and cold one day, and hot, dry and sunny the next. Really it is a bunch of little micro seasons before we get to the long hot and dry summer. So those perfect days should be spent outside. This past week it was time to do a little traveling with the Sidekick, all the way from the back studio to the front deck.  And all you spinners reading this, what do you think of Schacht's newest wheel the Flatiron? I like it.

The hummingbirds are coming back. I saw a Rufous male later in the day loading up at the feeder.

The next day I got my trusty stead out for the first ride of the season. He'll be 20 at the end of May, Dandy will be 21. And as always, he is a point and ride kind of guy. No lunging, no prep, brush and go. Oh he may rubber neck a bit at newly downed trees, be a little sticky and heavy in the bridle and a bit slow on the cues, but he is always calm and safe and I so appreciate that in him. Our first ride and we had a two goat tag team.

Fun! Not! What a pain they were. Cooper had to keep pushing them back behind him.

In front they slow the whole works down. They were mighty tired and panting too. Good thing this was pretty much a walk only ride. The few bits of trotting and that few strides of a canter took their toll on Ben and Jerry!

 Maybe next time they will do the sensible thing and stay with the left behind horse and his little pile of hay.

A bit of sewing. I cut out a Mississippi Ave top from the cotton ombre fabric.

 Frankly I made poor use of the effect, but I've never worked with it before and it was an inexpensive lesson should I ever run into some in a fancier fiber. I still have a deep purple piece. This one will be fun with jeans and is cool and comfortable.

A bit of weaving. This the darker turquoise.

The big warp for the bath towels is measured out. I need to clear Nora and because this calls for so many heddles, I'm doing what I should have done from the start. Changing her all over to inserted eye because I just don't want to mix flat steel and inserted eye together. A smaller warp is being measured for the Fiona the Pup. Not a birch bark one. I just couldn't bring myself to do another natural warp this minute but this one is close in a very pale yellow.

The Gem comes home on Saturday. I'm looking at a false satin warp for him. Maybe a Christmas runner. That leaves Nick the big Mac free.....

I'll be in town a lot these next few days and the weather is changing back to cool and wet. Yes, more rain please!

Parting shot: The resident senior, Smoochie at 15.


  1. I've had both flat steel and insert eye heddles on my Mac for a few years. Never had a single problem mixing them on the same harness....just and FYI.

  2. LOVE the little Jacks!!!! I saw an ad for the new spinning do you like it? Go ahead and change those'll be glad you did.

  3. Which of the little jacks is your favorite? I love the butt shot :-). I have the Mississippi pattern ready for some nice cotton coming my way-your ombre one is pretty. Love the towels on the loom and little Smoochie...ahhh, kiss.

  4. I like that the Flatiron can be spun right or left hand forward. I like the wheel on the right side and that's impossible to find in a traditional style wheel. Schacht makes great products.

  5. Interesting new wheel! Hadn't heard of it, but then, my world continues to constrict mostly thanks to dealing with the teen....

  6. The little Jacks are darling, I like all of them equally well. Interesting spinning wheel, hadn't heard of it. How do you like it? Smoochie what a sweetheart. Pets for the crew.

  7. Martha, Pets liberally doled out. The Schacht wheel was just released. No idea of price and only a few prototypes out there at events. I've heard it spins well. I like that funky kind of look and being a Schacht, it is likely well made.

    Michelle, Adulthood is just around the corner......

    Unknown, Schacht DOES make great products and the changeable flyer will certainly be a valued feature.

    Mary, The sleeping one of course! Kisses given. Enjoy making the Miss.Ave. My latest version doesn't have the gathered waist.

    LA, That wheel is certainly on my list to try and depending on price......New heddles all here. Time to clear the play warp off Nora.

    Peg, I'm told the flat steel are no longer available.I have to admit, I like the inserted eye much better so I didn't need a lot of push to do it.

  8. Sweet old pup and horse...So, is that basket full of fabric pups (love them) going to be up off the floor, no chewing?!

  9. Coco, oh no, these are far too small to be dog toys and too expensive and dear! The largest one isn't as long as my index finger and the smallest about the size of a silver dollar.

  10. I love my flat steel heddles and it's why I've decided to put up and shut up since they're not being made anymore. I've stopped loom shopping. Your first ride of the year - with goats - made me laugh out loud :)