Friday, May 13, 2016

Digging In

Today is the day I start hitting the flower beds. Gene has removed the dead salvia's. The root balls were huge and deep. We think the wet killed them more than the cold. I am going to amend the soil for the new plantings a bit. We have a lot of clay and improving drainage may help. I will be planting the new generation of Black and Blue Salvia named Black and Bloom. It is supposed to be more cold hardy but if the wet fall and winters are the culprit it will make little difference.

The veggies are planted in the raised bed.

 It's likely far too many but after all, it is an experiment. There are a lot of lettuces planted and once those go by in the heat, there will be more room. The tomatoes will get tied to a trellis Gene is going to install on the edge. The poor pot bound scented geraniums were replanted and look much better than they did in these pics.

 Three new scented geraniums were purchased too. A couple of rose scented ones and a cinnamon.

Those got the pots the bigger ones moved out of. The excitement never ends at Runamuck eh? ;-)

A little sewing in the salon. I modified the Everyday Style Esme tunic to do this color blocked linen version.

 It is such a happy yellow but yellow is hard color to wear for me.

 I tempered it with the cream. Looked great with a pair of skinny jeans and sandals and is cool and comfortable as we head for summer weather!

Yellow seems to be the color of the month. The yellow warp that I made for pup Fiona I used because I didn't really like the color and wanted to use it up. Well, it was a surprise how beautiful it is weaving up in this crackle pattern. The sunlight in the back room washed this out some.

I have gone from wanting to be rid of that rogue cone to wishing I could find another pound or two of the color to have on hand. Weaving is almost always a journey of discovery. It makes it so much fun most of the time. I'll get a better picture of this warp for the next post.

This weekend a trip up to Grants Pass to go to a quilt show, maybe a stop at the Kitchen Store and the fab growers market they have there on Saturday morning. Sunday I'm having a pajama day.

On a sad note, dear friend Mary ( who some of you may remember as buying Nick the horse from me), lost her much beloved jack Russell Terrier, Little Nick. He was probably one of the handsomest Jacks I had ever seen ( pictures here), sweet and gentlemanly. I know how much he was loved and will be terribly missed. Hugs Mary.

Parting shots: Outtakes.



  1. Please look for my quilt Resilience in the Concrete and Grassland show. Wish I could be there to see the show. I'm a friend of Mary's.

  2. Oh boy! Have you seen the insurance commercial that includes a stag party, with stags in the swimming pool? OK - picture stags munching at the Camp Runamuck porch buffet. Cracks me up.

    I love your Esme tops.

    And for some reason I started researching industrial looms this week. I began because a fabric manufacturer mentioned using an air jet loom. So I ended spending about 8 hours reading about all kinds of looms! And now I might know which part of the loom you are mentioning in your posts. Really interesting stuff.

    Cute pup as always.

  3. Your "garden" is looking very healthy! I know you're looking forward to some fresh veggies! So sorry for your friend, Mary. It is so hard to say good-bye.

  4. There's something about yellow & crackle weave. That's what I used for Susan Wilson's workshop a couple years ago. I could tell at the outset she was a little surprised at the color choice. (Like you, I just wanted to use up a lingering cone) Later we were both surprised at how well it worked in the sample.
    How in the world did you capture that last photo? Too funny!

  5. Valerie- Spike had woken up to come beg me to pet/pick him up. That was mid yawn. Catching it was dumb luck. Scary huh?

    LA, With the cooler weather ( an actual spring!) the lettuce is growing great. Hope the peas sprout.

    Coco-If the dang deer come up on the deck, I'm giving up. We are more likely to fall under a raccoon raid. I am having great fun with the Esme pattern. Oh those industrial looms are something!

    Janet, The show was wonderful. Everything beautiful.

  6. Thank you for your kind words TSAB. On a lighter note, the crackle pattern is fantastico. Good luck on your deck garden. Those deer are resourceful and I would not be surprised to see them up there.

  7. I love how your Crackle is turning out. It seems to be a popular weave right now - it's on my list, my long long list :). Your vegetables are looking good and healthy.