Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Garden in Springtime

This was taken May 3rd.

The calendar says spring still but because of our dry winter we have gone right from spring to fire season. A month early. I'm betting 2014 is going to be one of those years we won't be looking back fondly at. The first half has been notably crappy for our little farm ( Miss Bea & Rodger) and most of my friends have lost a loved companion this year also. Having a long and contentious fire season beginning isn't a surprise to any of us. But the garden in year 2 is looking awesome.

 I couldn't resist snapping some pics as it is getting
a now bi-weekly watering.

I love the looks of those gardens with showy banks and borders of just a few kinds of flowers en masse, each staggered from shorter to tall in back, colors and structure planned out and seamlessly executed. I am not one of those gardeners.

 I am like a crow, if it is shiny and pretty and attracts me, I grab it. Usually I do check if it is cold hardy, but other than a few plants, we have a lot of "one and two of's".

 I see my garden from above most times, so I like little surprises in back behind larger plants and some plants you have to be in the garden to see.  Some people have formal gardens, I have a patchwork garden and I wouldn't have it any other way.

 Some plants I just want to touch, like the silvery Artemisia, others the fragrance draws me in and many are in the garden to supply the hummingbirds and butterflies with a food source. The plants may not match perfectly but each one is there because I love something about it.

The dog under cover in the last post was Peter. :)

Parting shots: Goat Alert!


Valerie said...

It makes sense that you'd want to maximize the view of your garden from the deck as well as from the ground. So your design is perfect. don't let the goats out around your flowers do you?

Just got back from the nursery....and am reminded why I've procrastinated so long this year. I always bite off more than I can chew in the spring.

LA said...

I agree....having the plants you want to see grow is really more important than having a planned showcase. I find your design very pleasing.

coco said...

I love your garden. I'm planning to do more random plantings this year as well. Have started by putting in some bulbine. Need to put in 3 areca palms as anchor/shade trees before I really can start, but looking forward to it. By the way, I have a wall of mock orange, native to your area, on the north side of my house. Just adore it, so fragrant. Do you have any?

Theresa said...

Valerie, NO, we discourage goats from even being in the driveway near the garden. That's what garden hose nozzles with a jet feature on them are for and occasionally a dog on a leash barking....

LA: Thank you, but I bet you guys have some awesome cottage gardens down your way.

Coco: We had some that were taken down to sticks last year by deer. Two made it over the winter but they are very, very small right now. We do have some Mexican Orange that is blooming and the deer don't like.

Mary said...

I love that you have planned to enjoy the garden from above, and placed special plants in the back.