Wednesday, June 18, 2014


And that's how Mr Skunk goes when I come out on the deck in the wee hours of the morning.
Even in the dark the tell tale rolling gait and white stripes are a dead giveaway. He spends his early morning hours rooting around cast bird seed looking for tidbits. And he is brave enough ( and hungry enough!), to come back. I scared the little fellow twice on Monday morning. The second time heading out to feed horses and goats at dawn. But off he went "cantering" away. This morning it was the raccoon. I don't particularly like raccoons so I grabbed my headlamp and walking stick gave a noisy chase. He treed, I discussed from below that once I leave he was to come down and beat feet out of here. So far, so good.
And for the final wildlife update, I saved a ground squirrel. Juno had one cornered under some old wood. Honestly, at the time I wasn't sure what it was but the distress call was heard all over the farm. No matter the animal a distress call is unsettling and I had to investigate. I could hear the scrabbling under the board
so I lifted it from the opposite end and out popped a squirrel and he off he went at breakneck speed across the paddock and into the woods on the far side. Juno was pretty disgusted at me, but a few cuddles and some soothing words and we were on good terms. I love cats and certainly appreciate the fine job of rodent control they do, but I can't stand the way they play with their food.

So, up in sewing land, I cleaned out the tubs holding cut out garments. There is one more and then I'm hanging up my sewing until I get back from MA at the end of July. 

A cute voile top with a fun neckline and split sleeves that took a whole lot longer to do than I would have ever guessed.

 The optic pattern on this made it an unpleasant make.

 I was very happy to be done with it sewing wise.

This is a second version of the Anna Maria Portrait Blouse & Tunic.

 I made a few changes. A facing and a split neckline for the front bodice, took out the gathers in the back center and decided to leave the sleeve as is with the slight gathers.

 I actually liked it better on this tunic and it fit well. The fabrics were fun and behaved well. 

We've been in a cold snap. Feels more like late March than June, with temps dipping in the mid to high 30's at night (and frost warnings!), and the days blustery and cool in the 50's. We've been running the little wood stove to keep the chill out. Summer will reappear soon enough and I'll be complaining about the heat. :)

Parting shots: You are never too old for comfort and clean ears!


  1. Beautiful blouses, and I love the Portrait Blouse tunic. Your changes to the neckline are really nice. I don't miss the cold mornings you are enduring :-)

  2. I am really enjoying these unexpected cool days, and surprisingly, the garden doesn't seem to mind them, either!

  3. Oh you are so nice saving that ground squirrel - they are the enemy with the undermining of pastures and buildings of many I know.

  4. So glad you were able to save the squirrel, I do like them. All your tops look so nice. Hope you plan to blog from MA, cannot stand when my buds are travelling and offline...I'm selfish!