Thursday, June 12, 2014

Get It While it's Green

 I couldn't resist letting the boys out to have a few last little grazes around the property before it all turns crispy.

 They get about an hour a few times a week when it is like this and while I check on them from the window once in a while, they are pretty good about sticking around. Dandy tends to be my wanderer,

Cooper sometimes doesn't get his whole body out of the paddock before the head goes down to get the grass on the other side of the fence. Goats of course, the perfect accessory for any occasion.

For anyone wondering about the Nag Bags, they are still going strong and well loved by equines and humans alike, except for the stuffing part. Pain in the butt, but only once a day and only for two.

Up in the sewing room I've been busy finishing up the last of a bunch of cut out stuff, mostly voile's and lawn's for my trip east. I'll go from hot and dry here to hot and muggy there.

  The voiles are heaven to wear and sometimes hell to sew the fabric is so lightweight. It reveals the one flaw my older Pfaff machines have and that is non adjustable presser foot. Don't get a good balance between top and bobbin thread and it makes for a lot of seam redo. All of these tops are either Scout Tee or the Schoolhouse Tunic based.

One great pair of linen pants in brown with eggplant undertones. Interesting color and a lovely hand to the fabric. Not the best picture for color or structure but it's what I got.

Heck we even have another Stardust skirt, although this ponte may be heavier than I want to pack or wear until cooler temps prevail. It does look great with the silk sari blouse from last year though. Date night outfit!

There is nothing worse than empty studio space.

 This is where a loom lived, and even the dogs are hesitant to enter that wide open space. To them it was like a new place. Dopes....;)

 And I was given a lovely hand made rack to hold reeds. Such a pretty and useful item. Great place to display some handwovens too! Thank you good friend. I love it!

But the room will be filled soon enough. I made my decision and placed an order for a brand new loom. I'll be heading to Stockton CA the first week of August to pick up a new Gilmore Gem II. It was a tough decision between the Gem and the Baby Mac, both are equally loved by their users, both have great customer service (Sarah Haskell who reps from Macomber is an amazing resource for those interested in all things Macomber.), but in the end I liked the Gem just a little bit more. Thank you all for suggestions both on the blog and off.

Parting shots: Radar!


Mary said...

The boys look great, and especially happy to be enjoying that green grass (what is grass? say the Tucson horses). I love your traveling wardrobe, and the date night outfit is so pretty!

Donna W said...

You have been busy sewing! Love your new outfits. I always look forward to seeing what your animals are up to. Those big ears are so cute.

Judy said...

Your horses look so shiny and healthy! All of that wonderful grass to enjoy, they must be quite happy. Great sewing projects, I'm always amazed how patient you are with clothes sewing and all of the neat details that you add to your creations. What a great reed rack! Congrats on the new loom, when do you get it? Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful new loom heading your way, you lucky girl! Nice to see the horses are getting some green grass even if they have to share with their accessories. Looks like the new guy is fitting in perfectly and what sweet face he has.

Michelle said...

Love the date night outfit and radar!

LA said...

I know the horses (and goats!) enjoyed their grazing time! How nice they could enjoy all that green. You have really made good use of your time in the sewing room. Lovely!

Coco said...

I would love to graze with your pals...looks like you will go east with a full suitcase. My daughter always fusses at me because I take so little (years of business travel and hefting my own suitcases or shoulderbags). Choices are nice! Is the empty space for the portable loom, cannot imagine such a thing! But bet you are excited.

mrsmole said...

Cute the cat one! Your horses look so nice and the thought of a new toy (loom) must just make you so excited! have a safe trip back East!