Monday, June 30, 2014

Going, Going.....

Almost gone. My flight leaves at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. Today is last looks. Once I finish my usual Monday housecleaning the rest of the day and evening will be devoted to cuddle time with the kids.
Last week I didn't get near enough done, I had some sort of sinus thing going on and spent pretty much two full days in bed. But I do have the best nurses in the business and by Thursday I was feeling pretty good. It was quality time and  I'm thankful I was forced to slow down.

Over the weekend I managed some comfort sewing.

 This fabric just makes me smile, skulls, swallows and goats all together in a stylized bright floral. How fun!

 It will get thrown into the suitcase along with the leggings. I'm pretty much packed.

Gene will have a bit more work than he does in early spring. Fire season of course is upon us, but the garden needs watering on a regular basis. Hummingbirds need their nectar made, bird feeders filled etc.
But at least the weather is warm and sunny, the dogs enjoy the side door open to their roomy pen all day and the deck beckons in the cool evenings as a quiet spot to unwind as the woods put themselves to bed and the night shift of little brown bats arrive to busy themselves with bug catching.

A few of you have asked if I blog from the road. In a word, No. I selfishly just go and enjoy New England and spending time with my folks. I do try to keep up with the blogs I follow, and sometimes even comment, but for the most part my days are spent away from the computer.

So to hold you until after July 23, I'll leave you with these parting shots! 

1. Smoochie finally got a bath and his bad summer haircut. He looks a bit strange but feels great.

 2. Robin looking quite sheepish as Stella growls. He backs himself into place slowly to avoid the wrath of his big sister. Please note, Green Timmy is the ball du jour.

 3. The face I'll miss the most. Peter at 20. OMG, still handsome after all these years.


  1. Even if I'm only away one night, I miss my furry family! Enjoy your trip and eat LOTS of fresh seafood!

  2. Enjoy your trip. Pets for all the pups and a special hug for the ancient ones.

  3. I'm with LA. At least I get to take my pups with me when I go horse-camping!

  4. Hope you have a wonderful time with family, will miss you!

  5. Have fun - eat some lobster for me!

  6. Have a great trip! Love the doggies and the top!

  7. Seriously twenty? He looks just wonderful!

    Have a great time. Be safe and enjoy.

  8. I love a gazelle tunic and leggings!

  9. All those sad pupster faces! Somebody is going to be missed terribly.