Monday, March 3, 2014

Make it Pretty

It is always so much fun to put a fresh set of sheets on the bed. Often times I reserve a set that was line dried way back when we had sunny crisp days, but this time I had a pretty new linen sheet instead.
There was a fair amount of straight sewing with this.

 The natural piece of linen was not wide enough as woven to cover a king sized bed, so like the previous home sewn top sheet I made, the length was cut in half, the middle sewn with a lapped seam and the selvage edges left as is. Rather than giving it a deep top hem, I lapped seamed a linen border embroidery fabric onto the top to give a pretty and deep fold over. This wouldn't work with a bottom sheet, who would want seams, but for a top sheet I think it is an acceptable solution.

 The match between the new top sheet natural and the bottom sheet color is a little different, but who cares? Slipping into cool and soft linen sheets each night is pretty decadent, no matter what color they are.

Two quick tops rounded out the busy week. The mermaid print and red oxford came together as another spring top. Red, white and blue together is not a palette I usually use, but this one is light hearted enough and works with jeans nicely so why not!

I also cut into the brown/grey oxford, adapting my Scout tee again to have a curved empire seam and uneven hem for this long tunic.

 My Brother sewing/embroidery machine was feeling neglected so I got him out and working. It has been awhile and I was a little rusty with the procedures but after a couple of false starts everything was working smoothly.

 Note to self, the bobbin can be a little particular on this machine!

Birthdays celebrations (mine) rounded out the weekend along with finally figuring out a good quick way to get the extra heddles on Big Sal. I am sure it's no secret to those who own this loom but it required a little thought on my part on how to best get past cables and chains to be able to slip these on without taking the harness out. 16 and 15 are done but I still need to add heddles to a few more while I'm at it.

The horses are blowing their winter coats. Cooper has a hair halo around him and every time I go out there I grab the shedding blade for a bit of grooming. I can tell where each of them has had a nap that's for sure. It's like a crime scene outlined in hair. Lots and lots of hair.....

The goats have not started shedding as far as I can tell but no doubt, it will start soon.. The foxes are still making their almost nightly visits and Saturday we saw 16 turkeys strutting and pecking in our back yard.
It's been a while since they were last sighted. The lame hen lives on. The weather has not been great for riding. It's been warm enough but pretty wet and the ground is mud. Slick and deep and surprisingly dangerous. We'll wait for the dry out and then complain about fire season like always! ;)

Parting shot: Sharing warmth and companionship. Robin, Peter and Pogo


  1. Your mountain horses are blowing coat? Why isn't Lance???

    1. Yep, Cooper especially is losing that white in his blanket, shedding like banshees. No idea why Lance wouldn't be. Maybe he's waiting for show days? ;)

  2. Linen sheets! That sounds lovely! Good for you!

  3. Tang isn't blowing her substantial coat either. She's fixin' to get ready to start, but hasn't committed... Very wet here, too, so much so that I almost got the Suburban stuck. I'll be glad when it dries out a bit.

  4. Pretty tops! I don't think I have ever slept with linen sheets...they sound down right heavenly!

  5. What a wonderful job on those linen sheets! They must be quite nice to sleep on. 16 turkeys? Wow, how cool is that? I hope that it dries out soon so that you can get some riding in.