Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Own Funky Cosmos

PATTERN UPDATE 3/13: V8626 is spoken for. Laura e-mail me your addy please
S2560 is spoken for. Cindie I will hold it until we can meet up. Majorsue, V8772 and S2808 is set aside for you but I will need you to e-mail me with an address also! And ladies, I don't care who takes what, so if you are being shy and want a couple of more that's fine with me. Just let me know.

Geezum! A week and a half just passed by at warp speed. Just what happened to all that time? Was it a big black hole I was in?  Maybe not but it sure seemed busy and the time change only added to things. I really, really dislike losing an hour of my day right from the get go.

Last week Charlotte had her turn in the vets office for some much needed dental work. The little shadow has officially reached ancient status at 15 and along with being bestowed a title she also lost some teeth. It's all about give and take here. ;) I dropped her off in the morning and Gene came home with the groggy bundle late in the afternoon. She bounced back pretty quickly considering age and the number of teeth that had to go. Yesterday was her last on antibiotics. And as I pointed out to Gene, between her and Peter
our disposable income for this month and next has been pretty much disposed of!

Big Sal is ready for threading. I ended up putting all the heddle bundles on but one that was such a glommed up mess I chucked it. At some point I will have to buy additional heddles, but it's unnecessary for what we're doing now.

I auditioned some new patterns up in the sewing room. The first is Sew Liberated Schoolhouse Tunic. This is not a new pattern, it's been out for a few years but I had never given it a go. I'm so happy I did. The only adjustment needed was a bit added to the mid back yoke for broad shoulders and of course, pockets on one of the versions I made up. The first run through I used some pretty floral cotton gauze's.

These have been in stash for a year waiting for the right project. The fabric is too delicate for pockets. I could see straining and ripping the fabric even with reinforcement under heavy use so left them off.

The second rendition I used a heavier weight Japanese cotton.

 It isn't quite decorator weight, but certainly heavier than most quilting cotton. Nice season spanning weight, good drape and beautiful eggplant color.

The pattern worked well with this print. I have two more new ones hitting the sewing table and those will be in the next post.

A much needed pair of brown pants.

 I wear a lot of earthy colors and while black is a staple in most folks wardrobe, brown is a workhorse in mine. These were made from Sewing Workshops Trio pant, which I've modified over the years. I often use this pattern when I want cargo type pants, but on this pair I just did some nice long front pockets and left it at that. One of my birthday presents was a gift certificate to Fabric of Vision and with that I splurged on some silk fabric. I love silk but am not fond of sewing it. I kept the pattern simple and timeless with a loose flowy A line shaped tee. Easy to make up and even easier to wear.

The rain was awful last week, but after Monday's downpour it looks like a clear, sunny week for Southern Oregon. The farrier is coming today and I'm hoping to get in the garden and do some weeding. Our warm winter hasn't done me any favors that way. Grass has popped up in many areas and it all has to be weeded out. It's hard too because I am unsure at this early stage if I'm not weeding out some things I want there.
The 50 odd bulbs I planted are coming along nicely too, early's all very early this year.

Lastly, I purged a bunch of patterns. If anyone is interested in any of them, let me know, I'll mail it to you.
Otherwise these are going to Goodwill next week. Sizes run from about 14 up to 22 on some. These are all unused/uncut.

Parting shot: Mother Stella cleaning the masses. She is actually pulling on Rodgers skin with her front teeth. If he ends up with a bald spot (a very clean bald spot no doubt!), I'll know why....


  1. Glad to hear that Miss Charlotte is feeling better and is on the mend. Love your new silk top and pants, very pretty fabric choices. Roger is being very patient with Stella's attentions - love the picture.

  2. The farrier was scheduled to come here today, too; not just for the horses but also to shear sheep. With no other help than Brian, I had to reschedule for two weeks out; I hope I'm fully functional by then!

    I really like the first top pictured; I'd wear that with some skinny jeans!

  3. Love the silk - glad Charlotte is doing well. Tang is now shedding in earnest...

    I'm interested in the Vogue 8628 (lower right in the first photo). I can email you my address!

  4. Love all the sewing you've been doing, and that silk top is lovely. I need to get back into making some clothes. Plenty of fabric in the house already, just need to get my act together.

    Glad that Charlotte responded well to her dental adventure.

    I like several of the patterns you are offering. The Vogue 8772, and both the Simplicities, but just the Vogue if you want to spread the wealth a bit ;-) I can send you my address too.

  5. My Little Bit had dental surgery a couple of years ago. I think I suffered more than she did ;) So glad Charlotte is bouncing back. Look at it this way, There would be even less "disposable income" if you had to buy all those fabulous new clothes that you made!

  6. Gorgeous tunics Theresa...I have always admired the Schoolhouse pattern.

  7. I think you've hit on an important point: when you find a pattern that fits really well, and it is so versatile, go with it! I love seeing pics of Stella!!!! She's a delight!

  8. Love your tunics. Also the silk is so pretty with the brown pants. Of course I always like hearing what your animals are up to.

  9. What an awfully sweet image that last one is.