Monday, March 17, 2014

The Wearing of the Green

Okay, everybody gets be a little Irish today. Myself, I come by a bit of the Irish on my mother's side. And why not celebrate a culture and people that gave us chemistry, modern tractors, flavored potato chips and Guinness stout?  To Ireland and it's patron saint Patrick I raise a glass (or two)! I will however not drink green beer. Been there, done that and it wasn't pretty.

So, in my sober moments, which is just about all of them, I started in on threading Big Sal.

 I am much further along than these pictures show, actually about half way done. The loom is comfortable and easy to thread. Put a regular dining chair in there and thread away.

 It did seem awkward at first getting to those back harnesses, but a rhythm came quickly. Bonus, there is no front overhead support structure so when you stand up, you won't hit your head.

I promised a look at a new pattern.

 This linen top/jacket is the Phantom from Sew Chic, a nice little indie pattern company based in Oregon. I used a lightweight sky blue linen, not my usual color choice but the price was right and linen is probably my favorite fabric both to work with and wear.

 The sizing is spot on, the construction straight forward.

 I made one change and that was opting not to make the turned back cuffs. I just don't like them. The second was to grade a little bit more room in the sleeve. I dislike a tight sleeve especially on my forearms. A very comfortable and fun top.

Now, put on your sunglasses, because I don't do florals often but when I do, it's usually bright.
This one is in progress and it's an Alexander Henry cotton print. Okay, so I got some skulls in there too. And birds!

 Not for the shy. I like bold colors and I like patterns that will hide the trials of daily living. This fits the bill. A note on the fabric. This is cotton but truly a step up from quilting cotton. The finish is smooth and well woven, Henry cottons wear like iron and do not suffer from the limp loose weave that many quilting cottons offer. The come out of the dryer with good body, not too many wrinkles and hold their color very well. If you like wild prints Alexander Henry no doubt has something for you. The finished top is on Rhonda, paired with leggings and awaiting it's final photos. Next post.

March is a fickle month here. Yesterday it was so warm and sunny and dry, I took my main steed Cooper out for a spin on the training trail. He's going to be 18 this year. We've been together a long time now and I am always amazed that I can let him sit for months on end and one day knock the mud off, tack him up and have the same horse that I left months ago. The month may fickle but the horse is not. I untacked him up at the house and left saddle, bridle and blanket for a much needed cleaning. The Toklat Woolback pad cleaned up well as did the Zilco trail bridle. In fact it was one of my best purchases way back when. A quick wash and rinse and it looks brand new after 12 years of use. My girth is getting a bit worn looking but still perfectly fine integrity wise. The saddle will get a thorough cleaning and conditioning today or tomorrow.

Dead Bob the tractor is finally on a trailer and heading down for his spa treatment tomorrow.

 It was quite the job getting a non starting tractor on a flatbed with the front bucket down. I avoided Gene for the duration of Saturday afternoon while he struggled with this problem. I would have added nothing to the conversation he and Bob had.....

Over the weekend I did get some time in the garden weeding. A few things are even flowering, the hellebore

and phlox are happy campers.

 bee balm is growing nicely,

 and many other things beginning to set bud and grow including grass and weeds.

 It looks like a conservative 75% of what I planted made it, likely more....

Parting shot: I see you! The garden watch cat.


  1. I love that new Sew Chic top!
    The skulls on the other one are pretty cool too.

  2. Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit La ale-lah pwad-rig son-ah ditch

    Happy Saint Patrick's Day from one Irish house to another.

    Love Roger's up close shot, his eyes are beautiful.

  3. I just put the "dead" Cub on the big flat bed truck on Friday!!! I just hope he comes back soon....I could use the help in the yard! Happy St. Patrick's Day! LOVE the bright and bold print!

  4. I love Dia De Los Muertos fabrics. Such fun!
    Hellebore, you lucky little duck. We still have snow!

  5. Cindie, It was a fun sew. A little challenging but not much. Give it a whirl one of these days!

    Martha, Rodger is a handsome boy and such a sweet cat too.

    LA: I hope your Cub comes back into the fold soon.

    Rhonda, the hellebore has been blooming through snow all winter. Amazing plant really.